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  1. So, I had a question. How easy/hard would it to be to use your classes and use the Force from EotE's system without using the new spell system you are coming up with. I assume the Wizard would have to be completely rehashed.
  2. This is .... ok ..... for starters no, the Force isn't innately evil. Nor do the Jedi teach that if you follow your passions you will end up a psychotic killer. That completely misconstrues the Jedi and the Force. The Jedi also don't avoid their emotions. We were shown countless times Jedi expressing anger, love, fear, anger,ambition, curiosity and anything else. What they were not was ruled by them. They opted for a monastic life style because they felt it better suited what they felt their goal was as an institution. This is in no way different from Catholic clergy, who feel emotions and create bonds but devote their life to something greater than themselves. Because the Jedi feel they have a greater duty they devote all their time and energy to that duty to the exclusion of all other things that would interfere with that. But that never stopped them from loving, or feeling anger and fear. We witness these emotions from Jedi countless times in both canon and legends. The Jedi recognize that attachments is a good way for the dark side to get in. Loving your mother won't drag you to evil (not even remotely a Jedi teaching). But that attachment could be used against you. Perfect example is with Anakin when Palaptine uses Anakin love for Padme to corrupt him. It wasn't love that corrupted Anakin. Hell Obi Wan loved Anakin (like a brother but love is love and no form of love is greater than another). But that attachment was used against him in a way that say couldn't be used against Mace. Mace lacked an easy attachment for Papaltine to exploit. The Jedi recognized that given their position and what they felt was their duty that having these outside attachments created conflicts of interest. But to say that then the only way to use the Force is blank calmness is and anything else is just evil completely misses the point. And flys in the face of both canon and legend material that showed us all the ways in which Jedi actually felt emotions and still did their duty. People were not evil because of the Force. That isn't even remotely supported. What was recognized was that if someone was evil and they used the Force for evil they could create great harm. No one falls to light side or the good side of the Force because the default setting is good. It creates life. It binds all life together. Like anything else it can be used for evil. We don't say people are seduced by good. Never. To expect them to use that in regards to the Force when we don't use that in regards to humans in general is just ....... The Force never made someone good. But it also never made anyone evil. The person themselves were either good and evil and they then used the Force for that purpose. Tarkin was evil and he did not need the Force for that. By that same token Darth Vader was evil and it wasn't the Force that made him that way. The entire fall of Anakin makes it clear, the Force never turned him evil, a series of bad choices made him that way. About not falling to the Light, well... Kylo Ren would like to have a word with you.
  3. Except Force Lightning is powered by hate, and the Dark Side. That's just how it is.
  4. Isn't Force Rating one the equivalent as picking up the FS trees, or starting as s FnD career? I don't exactly see it as over powered, since there are so many ways to start FS right now.
  5. Thinking on this, I had an idea. I have yet to pitch it to my player's so, I want to know what ya'll think. Basically, the Jedi knew about the Rule of Two, and still thought the Sith extinct, which means they would of had to run into Bainite sith, and thought them exterminated. My idea is that the game takes place after that, with one PC playing the old secret apprentice and the other one a fallen Jedi (or something equivalent) as they seek to rebuild their power base and get revenge. Also, I'm thinking of using Morality, Obligation and Motivation. I see Sith Lords being pretty busy characters. So they have an Obligation (Oath: Sith Code) with Motivation (Belief set on 'Sith') that they personalize, while also choosing their Morality. All this coloring their character.
  6. I'm not big on Sith spirits being like Force Ghosts, as far as I can tell in new canon, they are more like poltergeists or vengeful ghosts. Not something you can have as a mentor, but something that hinders and scourges you. As for a living master, I don't really wish for the game to end when one becomes an apprentice. It may be interesting, but my player's don't show interest in that. One of my player's wants to be the secret apprentice badly.
  7. Revan and Malgus. However, that won't work for a game set during the Bainite Sith, they are different. Their relationship isn't ideal for how the Bainite's did it, and is actually pretty bad by their view point. The master holds the power to spur the apprentice to obtain as much strength as they can. To have master and apprentice be on equal footing is blasphemy in their eyes. It'd be easy for a game, yes, but not all good things come from ease.
  8. All right, the thematic element I was going for was the fact that the Sith have a master/apprentice cycle, and starting the game off at the very END of the last one drives home the point that only the worthy will continue on being sith, until they too train a more worthy Sith, Showing a comfortable, decadent Sith master who has outgrown his time, it gives warning and echoes what the end of the game will be. The Master's PC sitting comfortable, right before the apprentice offs him. I feel starting them at near-equal footing destroys that, because if the more experienced Sith is so close to his apprentice, then he has obviously not learned everything from his master. As for the Rule of Two, it was put into effect 1,000 years before the Clone Wars. This game takes place at about the halfway point. One of the things I'm thinking of is the master having a replacement apprentice in case the PC fails or dies, one who is more blindly loyal, and a hindrance to the PCs when they find out. I envision the master being aristocratic, part of the Core World in group, making just killing him more of a delicate matter.
  9. And this is a goldmine. I'll digest this, and get back to you shortly. I like all these ideas presently. Thank you.
  10. Mainly because the ending of two rival apprentices is not what my player's have in mind. More... drawn out scheming and power dynamics is what they are interested in.
  11. My two players and I have been discussing what to do with Force and Destiny now. We ran an intro adventure, and they are hankering for something all together grander. And for a bit of dark side action. We brainstormed the outline of a game, taking place some hundreds of years before The Phantom Menace. One player takes the role of a Sith apprentice who thinks they have learned all they can from their master and wishes to dispose of them, and the other plays that characters secret apprentice. Now, my initial thought is to have each character has differing levels of experience totals, with some caveats to allow the student to catch up faster, with the game ending when the apprentices displaces the master; each of them playing the frenemy relationship of the sith, and scheming. The most inexperienced character, the secret apprentice, is one who is supposed to be trained, but not yet full. Probably not even Dooku's level (Sidious was a bad ass among badasses) so I was looking at Knight-level play. From a first glance that 150 XP points goes fast, and I don't think it would get a Sith apprentice to where I think they narratively should be. But I may be wrong here, we learned the mechanics and did a short light-sider gain, but from what I could tell it takes a lot of XP to make an actual, fully trained Jedi/Sith. With that in mind, my second thought was to bump it up to 250 XP... but I'm not sure where that would get them. For the Master I was thinking 400-500 XP points, maybe more, since they will have stunted XP gain. Another idea that was discussed was the ability of the master to actually train the apprentice, but I'm not sure how to represent that mechanically. Any help here? And with that, any thoughts on how the Galaxy would be about five hundred years before the Clone Wars? It doesn't seem to be touched upon, but it'd be easy to use the ships stats from the Imperial era and re-skin them. I'm trying ot think of some things for Sith to do. One of my cautions to my players was that I want them to scheme, plan and seek; while I throw some complications their way. Which leaves off with a final thought; what would the Sith hiding in the background do to attain power? What kind of adventures would they have? Sith seeem, story-wise, to be very active. Very much seeking and doing things.
  12. This is the (only?) Star Wars TTRPG that doesn't take your character away at Dark Side. So, I'd wager that the having options for the dark side of things will, and should, be in the cards. Hell, the D20 Star Wars you lost your character at falling, and it still had the Dark Side handbook.
  13. Well, Sith sorcerers are still Force Sensitives. Like, in TCW, Dooku and Palpatine do a scrying ritual in the sixth season. It was obviously magic, but not something that's quite like the powers I can see. Another is Sith Alchemy, which allows the user to reshape creatures with the Dark Side. Stuff like that. However, looking at the Artisan, it does fit the Talisman maker kind of sorcery, and I am pleased with FFG's foresight. The Illusion force power, does however, cover a wide range of 'Sith Sorcery' and some refluffing for how it's cast gets there quite nicely. I'm satisfied with that.
  14. Interesting advice. I'll get them to see what they want during the character creation session. For NPC's I can just describe and assign some pools to it easily enough.
  15. Sorcery, and especially of the Sith variety, is established and vindicated in certain areas of the new Canon (Both Sith sorcery, and the Nightsisters) and the old EU (which I will mine like the new canon is doing). I've been asked to run a dark sider game during the Old Republic for some Sith. Now, I'm trying to figure out how one would model a sorcerer, in both the PC and NPC sense. I realize I'm really a noob at FFG's system, and would like to hear how anyone else would (or has done) it.
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