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  1. Thank you for clarifying the explicit timing of the "ram damage" versus the obstacle effect (good or bad).
  2. Agree. Ruthless is so bad it is embarrassing. It could add an entire hit result, come down in cost and still only be mediocre.
  3. What you say is logical, but "effect" has not been explicitly defined. The term "effect" can be interpreted literally and when done so, "effect" encompasses almost everything. There is a character with a similar ability but for focus tokens. I believe this is Ursula Downs. So it would be interesting to know her interaction with Mythos cards that allow a focus to be spent to gain some effect (such as spend a focus to gain a clue). Using the definition above that would not be possible as a mythos card is neither equipment, spells, weapons or a special ability.
  4. I play it as your option #A until FFG clarifies that Mysteries do not count as "effects".
  5. Apologies for this simple question. I tried Google search and couldn't find the answer. If I activate and move a ship and it overlaps another ship (non flotilla) I'm aware that both ships take facedown damage card and then the moving ship reduces speed until it can be placed (I also aware that this is the one case where a ship may be placed overlapping manuever tool). If this results in overlapping an obstacles (station/asteroid) do you gain/suffer the benefits/bad stuff?
  6. Could someone who has purchased the most recent reprint of the Imperial Squadron pack #1 advise whether Major Rhymer has been printed with his FAQ Errata. Much appreciated friends.
  7. That is not what people mean when they say "dials in the app". They don't mean "allow us to set a dial in the app for the purposes of playing the game". They mean "put the dial reference in the app (like many 3rd party apps do) in order for a player to quickly reference what dial options are available to their opponent without having to request the opponent show them their dial which can give away potential information such as the intent to block or the expectation that the opponent will choose a blue maneuver." As you already mentioned, the dial reference cards were/are nice. Those could instead be shown in the app.
  8. Professional x-wing players like me don't joke....they just lose.
  9. So at a minimum waste a shot, at the worst waste a shot + damage your own ship to remove a -1 AGI? Seems bad...
  10. I came in here to rip this up, quoting a blind "mill" strategy from other card games as a reference. IE randomly removing 1 card from the top of opponent's draw deck/pile has just as much of a chance of hitting a useless card (helping your opponent since they'll draw one less useless card) as it would a useful card thus hurting your opponent by denying a good draw. However when I really think about this he's actually correct. The primary difference in this case is that there is zero cost to you as the player to take additional damage as your ship dies. If your ship is down to 1 hull and has no chance of survival, you might as well (zero cost) take additional damage cards by declining to spend focus/evade tokens. You might not draw away that "blinded pilot" crit that the opponent wanted to assign you via "I'll Show You The Dark Side" but if you do then you get the extra benefit. Again the primary difference here is that there's zero cost to you taking additional damage cards if your ship wasn't going to survive anyways. Thus I think a free dice roll is worth it. PS: Obviously don't do this if you can keep your ship alive.... Additional PS: this only applies to "I'll show you the dark side" where a damage deck is explicitly searched. This does nothing statistically to reducing the probability that you draw a "Direct Hit" as an example.
  11. My mistake, I probably "translated" the 6 down to 3 in first edition terms and got confused.
  12. Because if you take it...one day you may be tempted to use it. And when one day you use it, you will roll CRIT CRIT CRIT. And when one day you roll CRIT CRIT CRIT, you opponenT will roll BLANK BLANK BLANK. That's when they sadly reach for their damage deck, only for you to gently hold back their hand....then you pluck that little focus token from their ship. There are no further ships to engage with this round.
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