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  1. I'm really loving this idea! I feel like this could open up the door to league play, kind of like how "Legends of the Galaxy" organized the SW RPG games. Anyone who wanted to DM this could pick one (maybe more?) type of MC to portray. Players can be tracked online; stats, gear, "game" records As the community grows, actual competitions could be set up between players (probably via online games) with influence from that very same community. I feel like I have a few idea on how this could be run but I'm not great at organizing those as nicely as Mr Keen here, and I'm sure there are smarter people then me to do so lol. But I'm totally behind this idea as a setting and as a community/league thing!
  2. None that happen during a models own activation though, so none of those are applicable. But if the wording is in the past tense (not got game handy to check) then a model could move after an aimed shot. That is right, if the card reads "if you have not" it means up to this point and time, but ur free to do what ever you like afterwords. If it read "if you DO not" that would be very different and then you would b forced to stay in the space and not take a move action
  3. That reminds me, Roolakhol, I need you to take that protocol droid up to Anchorhead to have its memory erased. It belongs to us now. You know, I think that droids we bought might have been stolen. there is a plate saying "property of Lucasfilm" Arent we all? its not Stealing, its just... re-arranging company resources
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