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  1. For your list 1 there's always ISB but I'm not a fan of cross training. So you could lose the rstormtroopers, both cross training and 2 officers for 2 ISB.
  2. Not got the tournament rules but think you count as scoring 40 points. 40 is the max either player can get.
  3. There's black market prices. Let's you draw two cards but you have to discard one card. You gain vps = to the cost so not too bad
  4. All sound like good starting points. Jedi like with obi wan. Mhd works well with him along with the rebel support 3p0 and gideon. Vader. Not sure off till I see the new imperial deployments. But you might have a lot of fun with Vader and the emperor (Only 20 points). Jabba. Weequays, Vinto, ejawa with droids such as BT
  5. Shyla and Vinto out of the two options. All though Greedo was man of that match against a Luke/Obi list. What's the rest of the list.
  6. Stormtroopers are very easy to kill . Too many different types you have Hunter, spy, trooper and droid. Where's zillo? Maybe drop one of the stormies making the other elite. Add zillo and a officer. Targeting computer on BT is always nice
  7. Not very unfortunately. Imperial just aren't strong enough with jabbas realm ( terro and jet trooper). Rebels don't get enough stuff personally as they have no units. You get decent command cards though
  8. Elite attachments have the same restrictions as deployment so you have 4 targeting computers but only two feeding frenzies.
  9. 2 Rancors 2 Banthas Beast Tamer Devious Scheme Or just throw vaders in
  10. Is there a list of dates for upcoming store championships in the UK. Thanks
  11. I miss this map a lot. Both missions were interesting especially deception but I wouldn't buy a OOD map unless it was cheap.
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