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  1. I bet the OP made this topic hoping everyone would say 'CONTRACTED SCOUT'. Nope. Scum for life.
  2. At one time, "Made in Japan" was also seen as a bad thing. Thats because we went to war against japan, not because they ever made a shoddy product, and once that generation's hate waned, people embraced their manufacturing and products.
  3. It would have to read something like 'When your opponent is rolling damage dice for a bomb you planted, that player must change one focus result to a hit result'.
  4. Painted these babies up like a month before Imp Vets was announced, plan on picking up 3 Imp Vet packs, 6 red defenders FTW.
  6. They say everything is bigger in Texas, but it's bigger yet in Dubai.
  7. I was under the impression that Opportunist only triggered once, but I guess, I don't really know the timing very well in this game.
  8. Use Army Painter Primer and Citadel or Vallejo Paints. Thin the paints with water and remember to color inside the lines.
  9. Man, that's some wonky stuff. I've been playing this game for over a year now and me and my friend started off with just the regular core set, one Xwing vs 2 TIE fighters and we've never had a 'boring' game. Exciting, yes, infuriating, yes, we've even had a game that came down to two ships of the exact same pilot skill shooting at each other, and we were like, this is it, this is game right here and it came down to literally one dice roll. Boring games are not an Xwing thing, you must be playing it wrong.
  10. Painted up my scum Z95 Headhunters! Love running all 6 of these guys with Concussion Missiles, guidance chips and 2 of them with Feedback Arrays.
  11. They would have all my monies.
  12. I'd walk out of the theater and demand my money back if she spoke like that.
  13. According to IMDB it's Jyn Erso, we shall see if that holds any water.
  14. Sounded like Jin Orso. Maybe the other dude with his arms crossed is Keel Kotorn.
  15. Love it on the YV-666 to grab that focus on the 0.
  16. This is it exactly. Fly casual means being a good sport win or lose, you shake hands after each game no matter victory or defeat. Be a person, not a belligerent clown. Also, if your opponent rolls 3 crits it's okay for your laugh to turn to tears, especially if your green dice hit the table all blanks.
  17. Primer is Dragon Red and Mephiston Red from Citadel.
  18. I'm sure there has been a topic like this before but I decided to photograph my whole Xwing collection tonight whilst I was repainting some bombers. I'd be cool to see how diverse some guys collections are and who has their collection limited to specific factions. I started played well over a year ago with my friend and I have amassed lots and lots of ships in the meantime. I have a lot more Imperials than any other faction because I like running multiple of the same ship in my casual Imperial lists, like 3 Defenders, 3 Bombers etc. Imperials Not pictured here are my 3 Bombers which I was painting this afternoon. Rebels Scum and Villainy The more the merrier for me, we don't do epic games often, but when we do, its usually 400vs400. Post up your collection, I'd like to see what everyone else has!
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