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  1. Good job!!! Concentrate all firepower when opening presents!
  2. Im just here for Feats of Strength.....no grievances!
  3. I dunno, but Kath keeps calling...she dont let up.
  4. So this can only mean that we see a Rebels Veteran expansion too, and perhaps a real fix for the T-65?
  5. So awesome man! Happy Belated Birthday!
  6. What???? This is madness....EU on large ships are fine.
  7. I rolled 5 crits from scum Kath's back arc on a lowly TIE...never happened ever again.
  8. I play every faction but I guess my favorite would be Rebels...I love B-Wings!!!
  9. Nope, its 6 points! You better let me fire it willy nilly....and its got a donut hole.
  10. Playing X-Wing with Aces High and Where Eagles Dare by Iron Maiden as background music, usually gets the blood pumping!
  11. Does Crackshot work only in the primary arc or all printed aux arcs also... Like say, the Firespray?
  12. May the Force be with you all!!! Well said Boss!
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