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  1. that and paint masks/template (can't find the correct word) ...my hands and eyes are too untrustworthy to try free hand or otherwise.....maybe it will help offset my horrible painting
  2. yee without sin shall cast the first stone... but im sure you follow your teachings to no end... this forum is getting silly......some of you would complain about a tiddly-winks game....
  3. heyya, is that one building your "dice tower" too? just sorta looks like one. Nice work there sir.
  4. ^ this guy gets it.... ....you tell'em Noob-Noob
  5. if you don't like the price change there is always tiddlywinks...... when i see discussions above go around in a hobby i always want to respond with a quote from BSG ..something about ....."blah blah blah And all of this has happened before, and will happen again." happen when we went from "lead minis" to "lead free" happened when GW went to plastics (and everytime they do a points change) happened in WM.. seen this happen in paintball (twice actually) happened in the UAV community (but something crazy is going on now) ect and so forths... .... its gonna happen, you must sacrifice for what you want.... i don't see why waste all the effort to squabble about it....show how you feel with how you spend your hard earned $... i buy two of everything... i love this game, love the minis and "sorta" love the community.... i detest the effort spent squabbling about (**** < - dirty words? )you can't change.... im just happy im alive ina time where theres so much Star Wars content......i mean....what if...what if we had no SW??? (i'd probably play tiddlywinks)
  6. it disgusted me so that i went out and got two of them.... ....................man it really does tie the gamemat together though...... right slabhappy in the center of my table....
  7. i had thought they cleared this up already with the most recent RRG. Not to name other games but there is one out there that does use the profile thing for targeting. When i saw that for that game i was like "finally" but then again ambiguity is the patron saint of happy mistakes. I forget in my elderness of age that some of these things are NOT common knowledge among gamers. I guess i take some rules for "granite" that common sense should prevail. But then again i DID get thrown out of a GW event for having a KANDY KORN army.....made of candy corns....and assorted holiday snacks...... i need professional help im sure
  8. boggles the mind that they had to do this because these new players seem to take everything overly literal.... noone around these parts had any trouble ....maybe something gets lost in translation.
  9. some people are idiots, others post and remove all doubt.... i smell hurt feelings of a 40K player
  10. hey TS do you happen to be a BB player too by chance?? love the army man...i have a bretonnian regiment the size of nebraska that just rumbled alive when i opened your pics
  11. i am going to use a regular 18 x24 poster board and some of that "roll" of magnetized 3mm thick paper. put that under the map then insert all of that in the poster frame. for magnets i haven't messured them yet but i would expect they are easy to come by. i will post some pics when im finished and a few links to where i get everything from (amazon) . so excited to try this out. lemme know if you need any further help amigo .
  12. dont give them anymore ideas to have a reason to go make changes to the "olden stuffs".... but i hear ya. A buddy said way back in the 720p days that making movies/tv shows will change because of all the details you can see now compared to the same "olden days"...im sure this is why digital post effects are so important. can't have them crows feet showing up like the grand canyon on these 8k tv's
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