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  1. Awesome! Thanks for the information, this clears things up for us!! Where can I find the official BSG FAQ?
  2. Recently my friends and I played a game and as we played we wondered if there were any other "Actions" you could take while one is in the bring excpet for trying to get out. We looked it up but couldn't find any difinitive evidence were the person in the brig can ONLY try to get out. Which led to a discussion on possible house rules. Like could one give another player an Excutive Order card. I was just wondering if anyone had their own house rules for the brig, or if the only action you may take is to try and get out.
  3. Thank you very much for the clarification! That makes much more sense now.
  4. I am not new to the game (Played 3 times) but I am far from being an expert. Recently I bought the Pegasus expansion and added the skill cards from the expansion into the skill cards I already have figuring that the new cards were as self explanitory as the others are. This last weekend I was playing with some friends and one of my friends found the Critical Situation Tatics card and was confused by it's meaning. I read it over and was as confused as he was. I honestly don't understand how to use it except for a skill check number. The text reads: Critical Situation – Movement : Take 1 Action. Only 1 “Critical Situation” or “Executive Order” card may be used per turn. I just want to figure out how to properly use this card next time we play. Thanks for all the help!
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