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  1. most of the players with interesting things to say and stuff got banned when one of the fanboys got promoted to community leader... after that he banned everyone he disagreed with. It wasn't exactly SWJ, it was before that.. but it was during the formation of that brutally fascist thing you see a lot of nowadays when everything must be sanitised and conform or you get banned, bullied and harassed because somehow no one should ever feel offended about anything ever. Think like them or **** off. Basically the entire community starved and slowly turned into what you see now. It was destroyed through miss management. Added to that the game is like nearly a decade old.. so if you are doing the exact same thing now as 10 years ago, you need to re-evaluate your life. That being said I have been around from day 1 of the announcement.. but have been lurking on and off for last 5 years or so. (this is my 1st day posting in years) There is just nothing left to say and despite some old school greats like Spleen or PsychoRocka not many of them are still about... very little is said here that has not been said before, nor is there much encouragement for the kind of stuff we used to get.. like 100 page threads on the nature of evil and stuff. Finally a lot of the tech discussion that brought a lot people here is now on RingsDb directly in the deck threads. richsabre, Glaurung, Mitch the One, Alogos, Tracker1, Danpoage ... . . .
  2. So is this project dead? No update in 2 years : ( I sent me a mail.. if he shares his source code I would be happy to continue if he wants out.
  3. Where is the Nids, Dark Elder, Tau and Necron expansions? The wait is getting serious now... get on the case FFG... give us something. All we need is new battle cards, new models and new race boards. I am not even sure that I want new mechanisms or anything... just more of what you got is fine... What;s da hold up!!!
  4. Meh... team game and I am out. I want Forbidden Stars / Twilight style player seats that can be added or removed. 3 players or 5 players or w/e (after expansions.) I don't even. What other factions are in the original trilogy? I mean we are not talking about the retarded prequels or the extended universe crap.. this is pure golden age only. So.. what other ones are there then? You can't claim something and then say to cut stuff out just so you are right. Thats like saying a sandwich is nothing but bread if you cut out all the other crap. FFG Only has permission to make board games from the original trilogy. Also "One of the most important ways that Rebellion evokes the original trilogy is through its asymmetry."
  5. I don't even. What other factions are in the original trilogy? I mean we are not talking about the retarded prequels or the extended universe crap.. this is pure golden age only. So.. what other ones are there then?
  6. lets hope so, as Crab said.. this is a deal breaker. You would think they would mention the other factions in the blurb. Still Star Wars really only has 3 factions... Criminals, Empire and Rebels.... FFG has already drawn a line between "scum" and "smugglers" to split the criminal faction in the films, and I am pretty sure that the "none aligned planets" are mentioned in Jedi. I dunno... we need more info on multiplayer and need is fast. The very fact they didn't say jack about it or other factions in the blurb is not a good sign.
  7. 4 Players huh? Looks like a two player game, even the setup image of the spoiler is a 2 player game.. is this like saying a chess game is a 32 player game as there are 32 pieces? There seams to be little information, but I assume that you play on teams, which is basically just splitting 1 player into two right? All through the article there is language like this... "the Imperial player can..." / "As the Rebel player, you might..." .... just saying.... More info please for multiplayer.
  8. Illegal?! roflmao. Get your panties unbunched dude, good grief.
  9. Thanks for the heads up.. defiantly will be doing this! Just use a fake email and name like any normal person. Why do you have to make such a big deal out of nothing.
  10. we will be implementing significant design changes, but we will ensure that the spirit and emotional impact of Legend of the Five Rings remains intact <snip> by introducing a new mechanical design This makes no sense. Why buy one of the most beloved games if your planning to change it so much. These designers can not wait to get their mitts on this to make their mark.. but I just do not get it. I can understand a little tinkering.. like when AEG relaunched DOOMTOWN. but "significant design changes" ..... wow.. .this is scary stuff.
  11. ridiculous. Set up doesn't take long and is a huge part of a player getting their strategies worked out. There is literally no reason for this to be done remotely, and about a zillion reasons to do it live on game night. Just to restate... set up dose not take anytime at all. It will take far longer to do a single turn than setup. Assuming you have the parts out and ready to go. Sorry but this is the craziest idea I have heard on the Fstar forums ever.
  12. where do you buy he clear bases?
  13. Chaos all the way. I was out by the time Necrons came on the scene... but they are all sorts of awesome as well, well they USED to be awesome before all the lore was retcon'd into space TombLords.
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