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  1. Display is nice on a side note I have the same light up Christmas tree thingy!
  2. For myself, I never take anything back. I learned this trick from mtg, I find that I'm less likely to miss a trigger next time around when it costs me a game. It improves me as a player. However, I have no issues letting my opponent correct his mistakes, they might not learn the same way I do or be as competitive. But for me, if I make my bed I lay in it, wrong dial fly me off the board, activate low ps shooting first turns out I just didn't feel like shooting with the rest of my fleet, ect.
  3. As someone who likes hooning in the snow, this storm failed to deliver to nh. Want to be able to use my snow tires!
  4. This affects a lot of my purchasing... not really what I need, but what is in stock and on the shelf when I have cash in my hand... I'm down to an A-Wing and 2 HWK-290's locally... can't wait for a restock... now don't get me wrong, I plan my monthly allocation for Team Covenant, CSI, etc... but the Cash and Carry method has brought in some ships I wouldn't have bought online at the time... t70 was only ship missing in stock hahaha at my store, I have a fantastic selection of stores around me thankfully. I shop only in store locally impulsively, I know the owner so I don't feel so bad paying retail price.
  5. Ended up grabbing a new tie fo, didn't have new xwing in stock and wasn't feeling the kwing or punisher today.
  6. My friend found this not long ago burred in his attic, good times. ~Edit~ Gonna paint them all at somepoint!
  7. Store opens at 11, mtg friend is questing me to retrieve his cards due the to stores proximity to me. Ill be then pew pewing him to death, and then allowing him to murder me in mtg. Question is, what should I get, I'm gonna grab a single small ship. I also am not against proxy, so dont need scum ships yet. list of ships Rebels 2 xwing 2 awing ywing hwk ewing bwing both yts both epic ships Imps 2 ties 2 bombers 2 interceptors phantom defender vt49 firespray Thoughts?
  8. This would explain the lack luster dial, think about all the green maneuvers we might have if the engine was attached correctly!
  9. ZFreie

    Happy friday

    Picture is pure gold.
  10. ZFreie

    Laser Line Tool

    I've turned mine and it seems fine. I'll stop doing it now though. Thanks for the info. Like wise, I have two and fiddled with them endlessly and still work. Gonna go fiddle more and see if I can break it!
  11. Got around to counting Rebel- 8 small, 2 large, 2 epic Imps-9 small, 2 large So 23, I feel better about my self control but my lack of the force is disturbing.
  12. Even ignoring randomness, the lack of a grided(hexed) movement system will produce headaches given a 1/4" different in placement will make the difference of a bump or not. That said, if you and your opponent are aware and casual I dont see why you couldn't make it work, just, far from ideal.
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