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  1. Looking to receive a nice collection of LOTR LCG cards. I have Lords of Waterdeep, 7 Wonders, King if Tokyo, and Eldritch Horror. All of these have only been played once and are in near perfect condition. I also have Pandemic, although it is only in good condition. I'd be willing to trade multiple ones or the whole lot for good collection of cards to get me started. Thanks !
  2. Yeah I just downloaded the program and got the game and image packs installed. I just need to watch some tutorials on how to play using the software. I found an option to spectate games and I'm hoping there will be some games to see. There were no games when I checked at 2pm PT
  3. Hey just started playing the game and I'm interested in playing quite a bit. Sadly no one plays at the gaming store near me and all of my friends aren't smart enough to understand the rules. I've got the core set, and the search for sky walker force pack, but I am going to order a good amount of cards sometime this week. So I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations. Also I'm looking for people that wanna play the game over FaceTime, or some other way we can play online. Beginners would be better because I just started playing but I will settle for anyone that wants to play. -cokoalajr
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