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  1. Can we play a Padawan? I mean I guess you could play Edge Of The Empire, Force Sensitive but we need Padawans these careers focus on the major Jedi's, I wanna play a newbie, maybe a little Togruta like Ashoka? But could we focus on one major Career in FaD? I mean maybe but could we at least get to play a Padawan I wanna play a campaign of 6 players, one might be a Jedi and one might be a Padawan? And the other 4 are just AoR or EoE characters right? Maybe? Please Comment down below.
  2. I want to play either a male Human, male Bothan, male Trandoshan, female Twi'lek, or a Female Bothan. The back story on the male human is that he wants to find a new place to be, so either playing Explorer, Smuggler, or, Bounty Hunter or a Technician or a Hired Gun I know the human has a lot to pick from... The male Bothan is that he works for the spy company on his planet but he works in Tatooine and he would be a Technician, the Trandoshan would be from a clan, he was left behind when people came and killed his family he decided to become a Hired Gun or a Bounty Hunter. The female Twi'lek would be a bounty hunter because her family is a bounty hunter family, and the female Bothan would be a Outlaw Tech or she would be a colonist. I don't know which one to pick I need to generate more ideas, I already made the Twi'lek and Trandoshan, the Twi'lek is a bounty hunter, the Trandoshan is a Hired Gun ready to kill.
  3. I am not sure if I should be a Jedi or be A rebel or be a character from EOE. I really want to make a character, currently I have made 2 characters. I made a Twi'lek Bounty Hunter Assassin and a Trandoshan Hired Gun Bodyguard. I really want to make a Force Sensitive Exile since I do not have Force And Destiny but I want to make a Force Sensitive Exile any ideas for further help for my Force character?
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