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  1. Urgh, just realised my phone did lots of autocorrecting in the last post and the grammar is dreadful - apologies!
  2. May be a stupid question, but also a newbie here: is the intention that section in a campaign accumulated health/horror/resources are maintained? I.e. If you end scenario 1 with 3 health lost, you begin scenario 2 with 3 health lost? If so what happens to cards in play etc? Also, can cards like Physical Training be triggered more than once per skill test?
  3. Hi all, I've been watching some videos of Star Wars games on YouTube and am really keen to get into it. The only thing holding me back is that it is quite a big investment if there is no one nearby to play games with. I was wondering if any playgroups in the Gloucestershire Area exist and if so when and where do they meet? Obviously I could just play on OCTGN but I prefer, at least when learning, to play face to face if possible.
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