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  1. Aren't they hardcover only now, though? That always seems like an excuse to charge more for their books. I can't deny that the art for them is fantastic, though. I just don't understand how people can get so riled up about the upgrade cards. Do you think it's a perfectly fair way to distribute them? That's awesome. Does it frustrate you, and you wish they distributed them another way? That's fine, too!
  2. I get that it's frustrating that we have to spend more than we'd like for an upgrade or two, but I don't feel like FFG's system is egregious. I may have to buy an extra ship or two beyond what I otherwise would, but that also opens up other strategies and potentially fun things to try out. If any other company was doing Armada, they would probably be putting out packs of random minis like monsterpocalypse or clix games, and have a garbage ruleset built around sustaining powercreep as long as possible until the competitive community dies. I'm grateful for what we've got with Armada.
  3. I assume they need extra time to figure out the logistics of the SSD they're going to add.
  4. I can't answer the MF/Hyperdrive question, but I think I know how the protagonists were able to look up and see the Hosnian system being destroyed in the sky! Starkiller wasn't a typical laser weapon. It used a form of dark energy called "quintessence" which it turned into Phantom energy for the purposes of it's firing. I'm guessing that the base was designed not only to utilize this unique source of energy to turn stars into weapons, but also produced some sort of lensing effect to magnify the image of the planets' destruction and send it out as a picture at faster-than-light speeds. Anyone looking towards that region of space, from however far away in the galaxy, would see the image of the Hosnian system being destroyed at a larger-than-normally-possible scale. Which basically boils down to "Sith space magic," but hey, it's Star Wars.
  5. It sounds like you want a response just so you can say "I told you so" I'm with OP. I think Officers are really strong, overall Imps have the edge (if not a game breaking one) and the reasons we're seeing tournament results like this is because of low turnout and (relatively) inexperienced players. I'm also confident FFG will release new figures to counter the current meta, but until then any list with lots of officers will generally be better than a list without them.
  6. Officer: "Lord Vader! Go kill that guy!" Darth Vader: "Oh, okay"
  7. I was just trying this last night. Darth Vader is a sad slug, moving into position for both actions only for everyone to run away and shoot him down. With a few officers, though, he strides the earth like a leviathan, crushing anyone who's on his side of the map.
  8. Especially this early in the games life when both sides lack a lot of tactical flexibility, underbidding is HUGE. I'm guessing it will continue to be important, too, as it's much easier to underbid when you have hundreds of points to work with, and with the added emphasis on underbidding to pick objectives, not just get initiative.
  9. Well, I don't think the hatred is irrational.... There are HUGE problems with the prequels, from plot points that don't make any sense to story points that ruin things from the original trilogy. The fact that things like Midi-chlorians were added to the universe actually make the OT worse. Sorry you're annoyed by it coming up a lot, but it's hard not to discuss it when the next trilogy is about to start coming out. For what it's worth, you're not wrong, and if you enjoy the prequels more power to you.
  10. I think everything I didn't like about the Star Trek movies done by JJ (too much focus on action, overly-simplistic story) would make him a solid choice to direct the new Star Wars films. I also think movie opinions are a subjective thing, and it's difficult to put opinions into words sometimes, so I don't want anyone to feel like they have to defend their opinion of any of the Star Wars movies, but... The prequels were bad. Like, embarrassingly, terribly bad.
  11. Not trying to argue, and I apologize if I came off that way. I'm just tired and apparently a bit cranky. I deleted that first part because it was kind of inflammatory. And no trouble at all (b^.^)b Good luck hunting rebel dogs or Imperial tyrants, whichever you prefer!
  12. The fact they're working two waves in advance, I think, kind of makes it seem like Wave 3 will be OT ships. I can't speak for X-Wing, I'm too far removed from the game :/ But, either way, what does it matter? We both agree we'll see new ships at some point in Armada, we just disagree on whether they'll come out in a particular wave or not, with nothing at stake. I'm fine just disagreeing. On topic: Any theories on what the deal is with the new ship? It's looking really good. Can anyone tell from the little we see how big it is?
  13. Well for a start, they had the models from ILM to make their models. They also worked with LFL to get the CR-90, transport and every other ship made. In the back of the various rule books it mentions the LFL Approvals person. So yes they do in fact work with LFL on stuff. Do you think all those toy companies wait until after the movie comes out to start working on action figures and such, that quite often come out the day the movie is released? If it was just a question of models, I'd say it was possible, but there's the problem of lag with FFG in making the models into games. It has to be designed, playtested, built and shipped among lots of other smaller steps unique to gaming that other things don't have to worry about. Combined with the wealth of ships they haven't touched yet, I'm guessing Wave 3 will be OT ships.
  14. Actually they are. They work with LFL and are going to know about this stuff well in advance of us. As far as I know, the only time they worked with LFL was to design the raider. Is there something else they've done with them?
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