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  1. I am intrigued by angled deflectors on Bounty hunters. But i am afraid it takes too much away from offense.
  2. I am currently playing variant of two firesprays, Boba fett and koshka frost. Its sucha fun type of list for me personally. There is room to personalize the list with upgrades. Boba Fett and two starvipers is also really fun. For example. (85) Boba Fett [Firespray-class Patrol Craft] (8) Perceptive Copilot (6) Proximity Mines (2) Slave I Points: 101 (48) Black Sun Assassin [StarViper-class Attack Platform] (1) Crack Shot Points: 49 (48) Black Sun Assassin [StarViper-class Attack Platform] (1) Crack Shot Points: 49 Total points: 199 Starvipers hit Hard, can be really hard to pin down and good blockera. A versatile chassis, and fun to play.
  3. The kimogila has access to The astromech slot. But it all honesty, R3 is the only useful astromech for scum. And i wouldnt call it fantastic... (good for spceific situations). With better astromechs to choose from, i feel the kimogila would be a better ship.
  4. I dont mind since it only has a different paint scheme. But if it was a different pilot only available this way... That would t sit well with me(looking at you transformers tcg).
  5. Most games i have started in a box, spread out to get the starvipers coming from different Angeles. And being cagey with Fenn using Hard turns for one or two rounds to see where the opponent will commit. I usually move Seevor with one of the two vipers depending on where i think the engagement will be. The bendy barrel roll makes it easy to either go into a flanking position even if you start head on, or block.
  6. I have played this list a couples times, and its both fun and seeem to create difficult decisions for the opponent.
  7. - How Ffg handles points adjustment. It feels more like they are punishing dominate lists, rather than try to find balance. Which also seems true for chassis/lists that were sucessfull in 1st edition. Its pushing me away from the game, knowing that next update will be at the end of the year.
  8. I really like the idea of cannona upgrading the primary attack, instead of being its own thing. But that is not gonna happen The ion effect really is a boogeyman. Being walked of The table is probably the worst case of NPE. It does limit what can be done to make cannons competetive.
  9. You mean things like force? Because im starting to think its problematic. Aces with 3 force and sometimes multipel tokens is insane. We are coming back to 1.0 nonsens.
  10. I agree regarding the dial. I have tried Dengar several times, and if/when you need to turn around, you cant really shake most ships while doing so. Ending up taking a ton of damage because of the stress from the dial.
  11. Agreed. High threat, but alot of work for 52p.
  12. I am guessing that you are playing one of the factions that dislike him 😉
  13. Fippo


    I agree. Not sufficient action ecenomy to deal any real damage. Ends up being more of a support, but somehow it feels like something is missing. Hotshot gunner doesnt seem to help all that much either.
  14. Fippo


    This list just seems lika a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing.
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