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  1. - How Ffg handles points adjustment. It feels more like they are punishing dominate lists, rather than try to find balance. Which also seems true for chassis/lists that were sucessfull in 1st edition. Its pushing me away from the game, knowing that next update will be at the end of the year.
  2. I really like the idea of cannona upgrading the primary attack, instead of being its own thing. But that is not gonna happen The ion effect really is a boogeyman. Being walked of The table is probably the worst case of NPE. It does limit what can be done to make cannons competetive.
  3. You mean things like force? Because im starting to think its problematic. Aces with 3 force and sometimes multipel tokens is insane. We are coming back to 1.0 nonsens.
  4. I agree regarding the dial. I have tried Dengar several times, and if/when you need to turn around, you cant really shake most ships while doing so. Ending up taking a ton of damage because of the stress from the dial.
  5. Agreed. High threat, but alot of work for 52p.
  6. I am guessing that you are playing one of the factions that dislike him 😉
  7. Fippo


    I agree. Not sufficient action ecenomy to deal any real damage. Ends up being more of a support, but somehow it feels like something is missing. Hotshot gunner doesnt seem to help all that much either.
  8. Fippo


    This list just seems lika a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing.
  9. I currently play fenn and two Bounty hunters with no upgrades at 200p. And its just so much fun, and so far im 5 and 2. 3 die Double arcs, boost and reinforce offers alot of utility. I have had the most success when playing with a sort of drive by tactic. Spread them out coming in from different vectors, let them attack one Bounty Hunter, passing quickly by and go defensive until it comes back.
  10. I agree. I dont understand the hate. The goal should be that all chassi are viable.
  11. We already knew Boba Fett was good. But Dengar gunner in Hyperspace makes me kinda excited. Boba with marauder and dengar gunner is 98p, and a 1v1 nightmare for the opponent. Freighter captain falcons With cluster missiles is only 51p. With the turret pointing to the sides and the missile, you can cover more than 180 degree arc, with 11HP each. Formation flying is also rather common at the moment, clusters will punish that.
  12. kath only triggers With non-unique pilots.
  13. What makes Kath good in conjuction With only Boba?
  14. Yesterday i started to play around With the thought of running Krassis Trelix With cluster missiles. Should somewhat counter the popular rebel lists as they rely on close formation. And Krassis "only" cost 75 Points. But as several already mentioned, its hard to complete the list With a total if 3-4 ships With meaningful abilities and/or enough health. I would have liked if one if the following three chassis were available in Hyperspace Kihraxz Kimogila (cluster + tl astro for only 52p) Scurrg
  15. I tried Boba + 2 dbl tapping vt/ion Scurrgs. Went 2-0 on casual night and 1-2 at a local mini tournament. It feels pretty solid, one game i lost by 4 Points. At first it makes sense to have the Scurrgs go first, but i have the most success making boba go into the fight first, and then bring the scurrgs in from another direction. And dont be afraid to barrell roll.
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