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  1. Why even care what they fly? After last year's very disappointing invitational, with no cover at all from FFG, I don't care even a little bit. All that hype and awesome system opens (again with no cover from FFG), and then nothing.
  2. I cba finding and linking to the faq while on my phone, but the "don't run into stuff" crit has an faq entry which, if I remember correct, could clear this up.
  3. Dual Shadowcaster with K4 and Fearlessness can do it too. Tested Ketsu and Asajj vs 4 TLT Thugs. I played thugs. I haven't played it before, so of course this is probably not true for a hardcore Thug-Lyfe player. I don't consider myself all that bad, but practice is key with almost any list. It's all about approach. First game, I tried range controlling, so he wouldn't get R1. I K-turned them towards him, so that I could run after the first engage. He got the initial encounter perfect, and only one in range of him. The thug got tractor beamed onto a rock, and the other out of range. He did that the following turn meant that there were only 3 left when they all had range on the casters. That wasn't enough. Second game we tried jousting. he took out a thug each turn, on the first two turns. Game was lost when I didn't get to fire with all 4 thugs on initial engage. Range control is really the key. If you can somehow combo that with an alphastrike to get a thug off the board before it fires, good! Tractor beams could also be valuable, if you can make him approach you through the asteroid field.
  4. So. Where in the world do the top 16 people come from? Steffen Kaehler: Germany Faan Langelaan: Netherlands Thomas Reed: UK James Kroeck: USA Phillip Horny: USA Charles Jan Ter Horst: Netherlands Mario Nunez Jimenez: Spain Marcel Manzano: USA Duncan Howard: USA Nand Torfs: Belgium Thomas Mooney: UK Benjamin Lee: UK Kevin Leintz: USA James Hedgeperth: ? Paul Heaver: USA Joe Desmond: USA Stupid phone formatting. My computer won't let me in the forums for God knows what reason, so a little messy for now.
  5. Morphun

    Black X-Wing Bases?

    Black spray primer is all you need. I have done this with all my bases, and it holds up perfectly. Just put a peg in the holder, so you have something to hold on to when you paint, and it helps the peg holder not get clotted with paint too
  6. The Nordics include Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland. It was held as an open tournament, and we had people from Poland, Germany and England (afaik), and of course the nordic countries.
  7. I always let people know beforehand, if I play casual, or "tournament style" If it's casual, I let them take actions, while reminding them that they should remember, and I won't let them take it the next time. If it's a newer player, I often remind them of actions, or triggers, to get a better and tougher game out of it In a tournament setting, even a $5 one, I would expect players to remember themselves, or forfeit the action for the round,as I would myself.
  8. You're right. I actually considered a Decimator+TIE Swarm myself, and am expecting it. I don't really know how to prepare better for a swarm, but I guess I'll have to rely on Chewie and Dash having a couple of lucky rolls, to cripple the swarm Procket A-Wings is just something I'll have to eat, as I shouldn't be able to take them out before they unload. Maybe see if I can get them to send the Prockets at different targets. At least it's fun to build an escalation squad, cause it's not the normal meta, and everything is to be expected
  9. Thanks for the feedback! Fortunately for me, Wave 7 won't be legal at this tournament, so Alpha strike squads won't be that big of a threat, I hope I like my 60 and my 150 point builds, but as you say, especially my 90 point is a bit lacking. I would like to fit Predator instead of Lone Wolf, but then I would have to change something else, and I can't really see where it should be. Maybe a Mangler instead of the HLC, but I like the 4 dice . The pro of Lone Wolf, is the added possible defence, where I guess 0 with 3P0, roll a blank, then reroll for evade, so 3 evades with the token.
  10. Hey There. I am going to an escalation tournament in near future, but havn't got any experience in that format, and I can't fin much in list theory. Since I often rely on tweaking net-lists, I am a little out of my waters here. I have come up with something, but would like to get you guys to critique it. Here goes: 60 Points: (I end up on 59) Chewbacca - C3P0 - Millennium Falcon Tala Squadron Pilot --------------------------------------------------------------- 90 Points: (end up on 79) Chewbacca - C-3P0 - Millennium Falcon - Lone Wolf - Gunner Tala Squadron Pilot Tala Squadron Pilot --------------------------------------------------------------- 120 Points: (end up on 118) Chewbacca - C-3P0 - Millennium Falcon - Lone Wolf - Gunner Tala Squadron Pilot Tala Squadron Pilot Dash Rendar - Push The Limit --------------------------------------------------------------- 150 Points: (end up on 150) Chewbacca - C-3P0 - Millennium Falcon - Lone Wolf - Gunner Tala Squadron Pilot Tala Squadron Pilot Tala Squadron Pilot Dash Rendar - Push The Limit - Heavy Laser Cannon - Kyle Katarn - Outrider - Engine Upgrade --------------------------------------------------------------- That's it. Feel free to come with any ideas for changes. It doesn't even have to be These ships, though I would like to have Chewie and the Talas in there. Thanks a lot!
  11. I haven't registered myself, and won't be going, but I have something I would like to mention, because it is the Worlds! Well, in Denmark the tickets wasn't released at noon, it was at 6 or 7 pm, which I think is nice, considering it is a worlds championships, and this time of release is good for all of us europeans . Had it been at night, it would have been awfully late here, and all of the US players would have snatched all of the tickets
  12. As others said, Theorist is really hard to hear most of the time. I wear noise cancelling headphones while hearing podcasts, and I still wasn't able to hear him. I really feel like I missed a lot of wisdom coming from him Otherwise, really like the podcast! Keep it up!
  13. Props for trying something new! You should try adding a tiny drop of black into your red, if you want it to match the original red on the falcon. I am also a new painter, and it wasn't that hard to get the right tone, I think If you don't want to blend your own, I just got a "black red" (model color) from Vallejo, which I think will match too, I just gotta paint something before I can say for sure
  14. I have the medium sea grey on my "to buy" list, but I was thinking it would match some of the Rebel light grey instead, on the X-wings for example.
  15. Thank you. Going to buy that next time
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