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  1. A reasonable person on an FFG forum? What is this witchcraft?
  2. Allow me to quickly summarize the forum conversations for pretty much every CCG created since the invention of the internet. "OMG [insert company name here] SUCKS SO HARD, THE GAME IS DYING I'M GETTING OUT NOW!!!" [New set/expansion/fix releases - sales skyrocket] "OMG THIS GAME IS AMAZING, BEST GAME EVER!!!" [One week later] "OMG THIS ONE CARD IS BROKEN IT'S RUINING THE WHOLE GAME, HOW COULD [insert company name here] BE SO STUPID? THIS GAME IS DEAD LULZ" [Two weeks later] No one is playing the "broken" card, because a counter was found and it turns out it's not that good. The point of my rambling? People always thing the sky is falling with CCGs. Destiny will be fine. FFG will be fine. We're going through some growing pains for a new game, it happens, everyone calm down.
  3. Out of my few packs, I pulled 2x Asajj Ventress, and now I'm struggling to find a deck to put her in. I really love her ability, but her low health it hard to find a partner that I'm happy with.
  4. Please point me to where I can find a booster box for that price!
  5. I definitely do not think it is imbalanced, but I'm also rather frustrated by the lack of supply. I'm just getting into the game, and all I want to do is crack open some packs and put together some decks/experiment. But sadly it looks like I'm going to be stuck borrowing decks from friends for the next 2-3 months until product is available again. I'm sure I'll poke around a bit on TTS just to try things out, but it's just not the same!
  6. Yeah, to each their own, I suppose. I guess it was different in our case in that we were playing a casual game and just thought it was funny. But I think the larger point is that I think Jabba will keep this from ever being a top tier list.
  7. But how am I supposed to transport my double rancor list?? Seriously though it looks awesome. Great work!
  8. I thought this at first too. However, because the card is a "Special Action", the rules say that any special action that grants movement points need to all be spent at once. This is why Fleetfooted and Urgency are both worded differently. I know it's in the rules reference somewhere, I just can't remember off the top of my head. But here is a post explaining it, for reference: As for assassinate, I totally agree, it's an awesome card. There are just so many awesome cards that it's hard to choose haha. At some point it just comes down to preference. I played quite a few games with this list, and that was just where I ended up liking it.
  9. I'm surprised to hear you don't find the Ugnaught swarm fun to play against. I've introduced a couple people to this game recently, and a few games in we tried the swarm and everyone loved it. Sure the droid can be annoying, but we found it rather hilarious, and relatively easy to counter since the Ugnaughts themselves are so squishy. But in the end that all is just personal preference I suppose. As for problem for the game, I think Jabba alone will keep this in check. Sure you get to redraw this card, but every time the Junk Droid dies, Jabba gives your opponent 1 VP.
  10. I ran this exact list in a tournament this past weekend (my first ever tournament, yay!), although my command deck was a little different. Deployment: [12] Alliance Ranger [Elite] [2] Alliance Smuggler [2] C-3P0 [3] Gideon Argus [12] Luke Skywalker (Jedi) [7] Obi-Wan Kenobi [2] Rebel High Command _____________________________________________ Command: [2] Call the Vanguard [0] Element of Surprise [0] Fleet Footed [2] Force Surge [2] Heart of Freedom [2] Heightened Reflexes [0] I Can Feel It [1] Negation [0] Planning [0] Positioning Advantage [0] Rally [3] Son of Skywalker [0] Take Initiative [2] Tools for the Job [1] Tough Luck I went 3-1, losing the very last game at the VERY last second by a Celebration kill on my Gideon that I foolishly left exposed (lesson learned, play around Celebration). I would have won the next activation. Oh well, lesson learned, and still finished in second. A few thoughts on my command card differences between our lists: +I Can Feel It: I prefer this over Mitigate/Hard to Hit, because it works on the two figures in my list that don't have rerolls built in, and it's a very flexible card. +Rally: This was the last swap I made into my deck. Stuns and other conditions are absolutely killer for this list. With so few overall figures, you need every action you can get, and this card has saved me more than once. -Urgency: I already had fleetfooted, and the fact that you have to use all of your movement points at once made this card much less flexible than I would like. There is something to be said about the surprise factor you get with Luke being able to move 6 and attack twice, but I found I very rarely had a chance to use this card to full effect. -Assassinate: Honestly, I just didn't have this card at the time I built the list. But looking over what I have, I have a hard time figuring out what I would want to downgrade to add it in. +Tools for the Job - I could see this being a cut (perhaps to fit Assassinate), but attacking from range 10 with B/B/G/R is hilarious +Tough Luck - The meta for every faction is full of re-rolls right now. Weequays, Rangers, and eJets. I always find it hard to cut this card. Anyway, those are just my thoughts. It's a great list and I'm in love with the Smuggler!
  11. Onar was pretty darn strong in the campaign I just finished up. Granted, he got his Haymaker relatively early (second side mission, I believe), so that certainly had something to do with it. His ability to disrupt placement makes it difficult (impossible, with Haymaker) to protect a particular figure, which is very powerful in a lot of missions. The key with him, in my opinion, is that you don't play him like a straight up meat shield. He's most effective when he's disrupting the Imperial player's plans, while also standing near allies to give them some protection. He might not be an "A tier hero", but he's pretty strong in the right hands.
  12. I've been trying to decide on a Hero for the next campaign I'm going to be in and Murne was one of my finalists. Is she mostly just useful as a support character? It feels like the Imperial player can play around False Orders by just rarely bringing units with a low enough figure cost. That, and the stuff that targets figures with a cost of 3 or less seems totally useless, as those pretty much just die in one shot anyway.
  13. Care to explain this one? As far as I'm aware, focus is only used on attacks, so not sure how forcing them to make a strength check would effect this. To the OP: I just finished my first ever campaign (I played as the Imperial and used Tech Superiority), and it was both a ton of fun and very powerful. My build was: Technical Support > Arc Blasters > Adaptive Weapons > Failsafe > Hidden Detonators. I took the Detonators just because I had some XP left over before the finale. Technical Support and Adaptive weapons are absolutely incredible. Regular HK droids become massive threats, and are very efficient at 8 threat when you can focus/heal one another. Couple that with the fact that I was able to heal bosses regularly and keep them alive to win a few missions, and it was very effective. Adaptive Weapons was also amazing with Elite Jet Troopers. These guys are fast, and hit very hard with B/G/R, for just 7 threat. Arc Blasters is a great card overall because stun is super powerful against heroes, but it wasn't the best against my particular group because most had very good strength checks (Onar and Shyla, plus Diala was there to give rerolls). The only thing I would have done different would be to drop Failsafe and Hidden Detonators for Cloaking Device. A few pointers: Don't forget to attach your upgrades! Seems silly, but I forgot a few times and it really sucked. When a group dies, you can use their attachment on the next thing you deploy. Put Experimental Arms on regular Stormtroopers or other units that will die quickly. Of course this is assuming you don't have a unit that needs a lot of surge, but I found that they were dying in one shot each anyway, so might as well damage myself for the free damage. That's all I really have. It's a super fun deck, and my campaign ended up splitting wins/losses right down the middle (although the dirty Rebels pulled it out in the finale at the very last second). I ended up "losing", but even though I'm very competitive I don't view it that way, as this format leads to more fun regardless of who wins.
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