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  1. Western-type movie with bountyhunters? Hm...
  2. LOL!!!
  3. Nice N-1 painting! Where did you get that? I would accept the Delta Shuttle (or the TIE Reaper), even if the Empire doesn't need another shuttle (and needs a certain small base ship), but that Ark Angel is atrocious. Replace it with this and you are game.
  4. Like for the Assault Gunboat. Hate for the Mining Guild TIE. My take: Assault Gunboat - Empire N-1 Starfighter - Rebels Rogue-class Starfighter - Scum
  5. Most of the ideas are here (even if some stuff, like the Mag Pulse are in other custom expansion).
  6. Agreed. I like everything, except the mid-game reinforcement.
  7. Not Last Jedi! Screw the new Trilogy. I was thinking in a campaign along the lines of Rogue One or even Partisan-centered. X-Wing Blue Squadron or Partisan repaint: any of those would make me super happy.
  8. Voted (in day 1). When the voting is over?
  9. Campaign Box, please!!!
  10. I'm not going (don't even live in the same continent), but I'm really excited for (any) reveal that will hopefully be there.
  11. We've been asking for a certain ship too... Please, FFG, make me regret for asking the Gunboat (after you release a completely OP Assault Gunboat that will be the only ship in the table)
  12. Kill me now.
  13. Some of you guys certainly know how to ruin my day...