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  1. Solo Falcon. Seriously why has no one said anything?

    Yep, he was the definition of Scum in the early ANH. And oh, this Anthony Ingruber is really a much better young Han Solo. Too late to reshoot Alden Ehrenreich out of the movie?
  2. Tie Avenger, please...

    FFG, read this!
  3. Tie Avenger, please...

    *doing some Google-Fu* Here you go.
  4. Tie Avenger, please...

    I would prefer the N-1 without generics. Instead of the TIE Scout, the TIE Hunter. And no Star Jewel... there are some much better Scum huge ships out there (like the Crusader-class, or the Interceptor-class). Rihkxyrk looks great, but isn't it the same role the Kimogila got?
  5. Wave 14 Wish List

    A periodical (in every 2 months?) "X-Wing Magazine" that comes with new pilot and upgrade cards would be the best thing FFG could make up. New missions in every issue, historical campaigns, interviews with champions, designer notes, strategy and repaint hints... No miniatures included, so you could release right away Blue Squadron X-Wing pilots (and the X-Wing fix), TIE Striker modification (that adds bombs), Partisan pilots, K-2SO, TIE Bomber "bombing" title, etc.
  6. Wave 14 Wish List

    I would like to see those in X-Wing TMG. Good pilot choices for the N-1. Zander Freemaker? Interesting! What ability he could get? When you deal a critical damage to an enemy ship, you may discard a damage card from a friendly ship?
  7. Wave 14 Wish List

    Am I the only one that thinks this ship is an abomination?
  8. Tie Avenger, please...

    You can always put the TIE Silencer's wings in a TIE Advanced's body... But yes, I would want an official TIE Avenger. It's hard to make it unique in a world of so many TIEs, but it's possible.
  9. Does FFG make up some unique cards?!

    I think we found Pablo Hidalgo's forum account. ^^
  10. Strange Eons Updates

    Yep, I'm hoping for the Wave 12 update.
  11. Dark Empire Starships

    Yep. The droid starfighters give a perfect opportunity to make something really different. Here is my take:
  12. Dark Empire Starships

    Indeed, we had 2 Legends ships in Wave 12. Not all hope is lost.
  13. Dark Empire Starships

    Of the listed above? Small chances. Most of the game is Legends, but the scenario changed in the last few years. Now with Disney popping 1 new movie each year, any Legend ship must be very good, unique and well known ("iconic") to come to this game.
  14. non-TIE crafts

    Good choices!
  15. OLD custom card site

    I recommend the Strange Eons program. L'Atelier du Faucon is seriously outdated.