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  1. Thanks for the comments. I will take a look on Aeron (maybe add a dice roll to the ability?). BTW, what do you think about my Vulture Droid?
  2. You forgot the 360º attack on Kir Kanos. Other than that, nice cards!
  3. I suppose this could work very well with Armada... (and I can't open the pdf)
  4. How much would cost the same ship with attack 2?
  5. PS 10 Vulture for 23 points is not OP... working as intended, I guess. Yes, 3 attack. The ship had 4 or 6 blasters in Legends.
  6. OK, changed the card. Now it's better and cheaper. PS; that might be some shenanigans if the ship is stressed...
  7. What about? "When you reveal a turn maneuver, you may perform instead the corresponding bank or Segnor's loop maneuver of the same speed."
  8. Dang! I never had the intention to own a YV-666, so I completely forgot that card. Hmm... so i need to make a somewhat different effect. And with smaller cost.
  9. Should I add 3 banks? But the idea is a ship that flies very differently of the others in the game...
  10. Too auto-include...
  11. Loved your pilot cards. The art is gorgeous. (now give me some time to evaluate the abilities) PS: BTL-S3 title is super cool.
  12. And here is something else:
  13. Something I was working on (still need to find unique images for all the "Program" upgrade cards)
  14. Hello! Here is the Vulture I was working on. I hadn't release it complete yet because I'm struggling to find unique images for all upgrades.
  15. OK, I will start a "Rogue One" expansion soon ("Freedom Fighters?"), and here are some ideas: Rebels pilots: (will choose 3 unique and 1 generic) General Antoc Merrick - Blue Leader - X-Wing (possible PS 8 or 7) Jaldine Gerams - Blue 3 - X-Wing (she was a computer specialist, so the ability should be inspired by that) Barion Raner - Blue 4 - X-Wing Farns Monsbee - Blue 5 - X-Wing (said to work well with the squadron) Heff Tobber - Blue 8 - X-Wing (piloted an U-Wing in the Scarif battle, so most liked will not be chosen) Scum pilots: (4 unique) Saw Gerrera Benthic ("Two Tubes") Edrio (the other "Two Tubes") Beezer Fortuna Scum X-Wings will have illicit and salvaged astromech upgrade. PS: Scum X-Wings? WTF? Well, Saw and his gang were once Rebels for sure, but I believe there is a strong case to make them Scum at the time of Rogue One. They were totally against the Empire, yes, but they were also pretty hostile to anybody outside their ranks. The idea first was to make a X-Wing + Y-Wing expansion, but I'm intrigued to see Saw in a Scum white and black X-wing. And this is the first upgrade card.