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  1. Odanan

    Tie/Sh in V2.0?

    The defectors were clearly in a TIE Shuttle.
  2. Odanan

    Tie/Sh in V2.0?

    Supposedly, two TIE Shuttles come along Vader's Lambda boarding to Profundity.
  3. Odanan

    Tie/Sh in V2.0?

    I hope there is still a TIE Shuttle in 2.0. As long as it is very cheap, it will have a place in squads.
  4. This? Interesting... I would love to see "medieval" jedis with katanas in an ancient pre-space travel Coruscant.
  5. There is no plateau in technology, specially in electronics. The Old Republic is bulls (they should have made it just a few centuries, not millennia, in the past) . Anyway, how's the status of the Old Republic in the new canon?
  6. The Old Republic was 4 thousand years before the Empire. You can say a ship can be kept operational for a hundred years, but not by a thousand. (and as much as I love the Old Republic, this frozen technological level for millennia makes no freaking sense)
  7. Odanan

    TIE Advanced X1 -- For real this time

    So, you want a TIE Defender, right? (or a TIE Avenger)
  8. Odanan

    Predict the GenCon announcements

    This is the one single thing I want for X-Wing TMG.
  9. Odanan

    Imperial Wedge, Biggs, and Hoobie

    At least Versio sent a lot of Rebels to **** before defecting....
  10. Odanan

    Happy FRI-Day

    Looks legit.
  11. Did you see the movie? I'm pretty sure there were Rebels there.
  12. Odanan

    Happy FRI-Day

    You know what, the (real) Vaksai is actually possible in 2nd Edition...
  13. Odanan

    Happy FRI-Day

    The question is Large or Huge.
  14. Odanan

    What’s with all the stop maneuvers?

    I found it very strange in the TIE Punisher dial, at least...