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  1. Odanan

    What's coming next?

    That would come well along 3 different FO Interceptors. 😜
  2. Odanan

    What's coming next?

    A lot of NEW SHIPS in The Resistance 2nd season's trailer!!!! (added to the OP) Scum (or FO) gunship FO TIE BOMBER? New X-Wing New Scum ship?
  3. I don't care much for the first season, but this trailer got me hiped! Also, NEW SHIPS!!!!! A lot of NEW SHIPS!!!
  4. Passive Sensor Gunboats look fun!
  5. Amazing cards!! Suggestion: if you want to make Backstabber really evil, and make if more different than Graz, make it add 1 [hit] or even 1 [crit], instead of rolling 1 more die.
  6. Odanan

    Fireball Is Fun

    This. So much.
  7. Make it attack 5 and dual cannon, and it's cool (but expensive). PS: for the Blade Wing Prototype, I would give the ship a gunner.
  8. Odanan

    What's coming next?

    Article is up! Also, 2nd ed. reprints for TIE Reaper, Hound's Tooth, TIE Interceptor, TIE Defender, A-Wing, Saw's Renegades. Aces in the Hole article.
  9. Odanan

    What's coming next?

    Re-releases in Wave 6: Scum: Hound's Tooth + Nashtah Pup (Z-95) Rebel: A-Wing Empire: TIE Interceptor, TIE Defender
  10. Odanan

    WAVE 6 [image heavy]

    Is the Wave 6 done? No Republic and Separatists ships? (or those might be announced in the next days?)
  11. Odanan

    WAVE 6 [image heavy]

    Is the Hound's Tooth a new mold? Is it larger than the old one?
  12. Odanan

    What's coming next?

    Wave 6 spoiled! Voreng's red TIE Interceptor Fireball Also, card packs!!!
  13. Odanan

    What's coming next?

    Almost there!
  14. Odanan

    What's coming next?

    Wave 6 revealed in 1 week!!
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