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  1. I didn't, but now you said...
  2. That would work, but would allow you to mount a super big cannon in the place of those 2 tiny guns. Heck, with HLC, the ship would end up with more firepower outside the firing arc than inside (where it has 8 guns).
  3. Shame... here is my "X-Wing fix".
  4. It's an interesting idea. Heck, all those light freighters in this game should be able to carry at least 1 cargo. Except that, the way FFG implemented cargo, almost every card works only for epic ships.
  5. It uses the rule text of the barrel roll to explain how you drop bombs from the sides of your ship base.
  6. Working as intended.
  7. Not exactly what you asked, but at least I feel less dirty. Even don't liking this ship (at all), I put some thought on it. From the Wikia: "In order to make those fighters clearly distinct from the ones in direct service of the Empire, they had a yellow color scheme. They also had a notch cut in their stabilizers, giving them only eight solar collectors instead of twelve, which gave them improved visibility, but greatly diminished their combat capabilities and maneuverability."
  8. Never is a strong word... But sure, i can do that.
  9. You could say the same of almost every large ship in XWTMG... The Lambda is like the B-17: it isn't a fighter, but it packs a lot of guns.
  10. Mining Guild TIE? What it would have differently from the Imperial one?
  11. Well... yes?
  12. Only that the posts about Interceptor are asking for its fix...
  13. Custom Lambda Shuttle cards: To fix some injustices done to the poor Imperial cow.
  14. Custom cards, you say? Why just one card if you can have 3? PS: all based on Legends (like most of this game, anyway). The cloaking would need an errata with it's rules for Large Ships.
  15. I did others (for my custom cards), but lost every single thing I had in my computer earlier this year because my HDD broke.