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  1. Nice! I'm very OK with the new content exploring the few years after RotJ. And those Grysk... they got potential.
  2. I would really like to play a new KOTOR game - and I hope it wouldn't be turn-based. Just imagine a Mass Effect in the Star Wars universe.
  3. 3 different ships? I like this! Imperial = TIE Defender + TIE Interceptor + TIE Bomber (all in yellow or red Rebels-style painting) Rebel = B-wing (Blade Wing Prototype painting) + A-wing (some painting scheme from the Rebel series) + Y-wing (blue? red? grey?)
  4. More on this: https://cosmicbook.news/star-wars-reset-kathleen-kennedy-stepping-down Civil War on Disney?!
  5. I heard you guys like miniatures: https://www.gf9.com/Default.aspx?tabid=348&art_id=7008
  6. Recently, I re-watched all of the SW movies in a few days with the wife. Dang, The Last Jedi is really bad. And somehow, The Rise of Skywalker managed to be much, much worse.
  7. That black HWK is canon (even more than the one we got). Oh, this looks good too! Can we have both?
  8. This painting scheme would be awesome:
  9. Odanan

    What's coming next?

    Not to mention this gorgeous painting: (and hopefully, a new model)
  10. Yep! X-wing T-70 = Poe, Zay, and any pilots from the Blue or Red Squadrons. YT-1300 = Lando, Rey, Chewie, maybe even Poe? Now you let Iden and Rey out of the T-70.
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