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  1. His response let him be "declared as an attacker", but this attack is out of the usual timings... So, a question here: can other characters join his counter attack? (It does not read that he has to attack alone, like on other cards)
  2. No, there is no randomness in *choose*. Edit: oh dear. Played it wrong all the time! Also, I am not a native english speaker, so I do have some issues with the second part. Translated it means "each player has to discard a card or surge", but there would be easier and more elegant ways to describe this. Additionally, I think it does not make much sense, from the games perspective: either all or none player will discard a card then. So I suppose it should have ment: "If not at least one player discarded a card then surge". But that is definitly not the result if translated.
  3. wow. that is a very good idea!
  4. Living in Germay, playing the english version. A month ago I ordered the three APs from the Ered Mithrin cycle. The Seller lists FitN still as "available in 5-10 days", so my cards did not arive until now. Anyone experience similar? Anyone has more detailed informations, e.g. container ship not dock?!
  5. I'd say a hero from tactics is the less fitting choice.
  6. Recently, I ordered Fire in the Night. Mainly because of Thranduil and therefore the revival of the silvian trait. As it should ship every moment, I did wonder which third hero might be the best fit. Initially I was with a green silvan, most probably Haldir of Lorien (easier access to The Tree People, Silvan Tracker and Galadhrim Ministers). But good ol' Galadriel might also be a good choice (Test of Will, Galion trickery, Handmaiden, Weaver and Quicker than Sight, also the double action bonus from Galadriel), which I favour more, because of the new blue cards from that pack. Anyhow, Bifur combo with Unlikely Friendship came to my mind, which I thought would be the most used/best option when it comes to building a powerful and stable deck. So in the end I did a quick research on RingsDB, finding not a single Bifur themed deck, also (as I expected) way more Galadriel decks than decks with a green silvan hero. As an add on I noticed a full leadership combo with Gildor Inglorion, which I absolutely had not on my mind. Fun-wise the latter should be the best hero-lineup (Reinforcements plus Gandalf, yay!). Well, at least I can imagine it this way. In the end; thanks for reading and long story short: do you guys already have tried any Thranduil based decks and can you share your thoughts which third hero to pick and what the strengths of the resulting decks (especially for 4 player parties) were? I like some readings to shorten my wait! :)
  7. If you buy LotR as a book(s), you'll have an index of all characters and on which pages they appear. That should shorten your work. But it depends on the print version if it has such index.
  8. (maybe stupid) question about Wild Stallion here: The ally, to which WS gets attached gets a +1 bonus, but also you get -1, because you do not have WS as an ally itself. Besides defending, where more shield and hitpoints on a single character are helpful, what are benefits of the WS? Are there any (game breaking) synergies I do not see? Thanks in advance.
  9. Assuming a reasonable amount of resources each round, how long would it take to set up 269 cards?! XD Do you mind plotting a curve of the development of her attack power each round? :) Anyway, I am curious what cards/combinations you guys did dig out!
  10. The Harrad are great and powerful, but in multiplayer (they are still good) but fall a bit off. Dale are fun to play, will still evolve and do shine in multiplayer.
  11. We are a four player group and we do have difficulties to beat TDT. Easy mode is still not an option, but we struggle to reach stage 2 or 3. Depending on the draws of the encounter deck, we struggle with to many locations, or the nasty and very frequent tracheries, or healing in general, or in monster flooding. We do use a Outlands deck, which might be silly to use (because you loose all but one ally in stage 2) but until then it definitely helps questing a lot, a Noldor discard deck (healing, questing and usually no cards in hand which helps to circumvent some nasty enemy effects), a Beorn and Eowyn centered deck (defences and optional cards to discard), as well as an Aragorn/Hobbit deck to recursively kill enemies. Sounds good for me, but not luck at all. Any suggestions how to beat this quest?!
  12. Why not Arkham LCg? I thought about it, because the storytelling is a bit better and with the locations also more "visible", this easier to get. Is it too frightening for that age?
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