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  1. Assuming a reasonable amount of resources each round, how long would it take to set up 269 cards?! XD Do you mind plotting a curve of the development of her attack power each round? :) Anyway, I am curious what cards/combinations you guys did dig out!
  2. Flrbb

    Harad or Rhovanion

    The Harrad are great and powerful, but in multiplayer (they are still good) but fall a bit off. Dale are fun to play, will still evolve and do shine in multiplayer.
  3. We are a four player group and we do have difficulties to beat TDT. Easy mode is still not an option, but we struggle to reach stage 2 or 3. Depending on the draws of the encounter deck, we struggle with to many locations, or the nasty and very frequent tracheries, or healing in general, or in monster flooding. We do use a Outlands deck, which might be silly to use (because you loose all but one ally in stage 2) but until then it definitely helps questing a lot, a Noldor discard deck (healing, questing and usually no cards in hand which helps to circumvent some nasty enemy effects), a Beorn and Eowyn centered deck (defences and optional cards to discard), as well as an Aragorn/Hobbit deck to recursively kill enemies. Sounds good for me, but not luck at all. Any suggestions how to beat this quest?!
  4. Why not Arkham LCg? I thought about it, because the storytelling is a bit better and with the locations also more "visible", this easier to get. Is it too frightening for that age?
  5. Actually, both. But more the latter.
  6. Everyone is talking about the player decks in the limited edition (and the digital version), but almost no-one mentions the 2 (printed) quests from that bundle. All I know is that they are both (at least solo) easy to win. No spoilers so far for quest cards or the deck itself?! Not even the titles of these missions. Did I miss something?
  7. Honestly, I think 7 is way to young to be capable/having fun with such a complex game. Probably 9, too. Anyhow. This game has two major aspects. Deck building and the game itself. Any collectable card game, which aims for kids, like Pokémon, would teach that aspect. (e.g. having more than a minimum of required cards reduces the probability of getting that card into hands and so on) But I think the other aspect is more of importance. Personally, I do not know any similar game which could teach LotR LCG. Maybe you could write down the round sequence for them, in front of their eyes and simplified, of course. Build them mono sphere and easy decks (e.g. no Noldor or Gandalf). That could help.
  8. Flrbb

    Wilds of Rhovanion available now!

    Splashing Lore: As a natural fit I tried Lanwyn first, but that did not work well. Then I tried Bereavor, because some decks on RingsDB use that core hero as 3rd choice. That would be a lore hero. Anyways, I ended with Galadriel, works perfectly for me. Also, includes a lore splash.
  9. Flrbb

    A Stereotypical Harad deck

    Finally! Edit: at least on mobile those cards switch from the exclude list to the include list. So somewhere is a bug
  10. Flrbb

    A Stereotypical Noldor Deck

    Hmmm. First, I had Gather Information in my deck, too. But you can pick not many useful cards, because of Erestor. Besides Elronds Council you just can pick a Elven Light or Glorfindel to discard it - or any card which you do not want to draw.
  11. I am thinking of creating a custom mission, which "plays" with a moody Gandalf. That for I need some clarification. What happens if Gandalf (hero or ally) is in play and an enemy called Gandalf gets reveald? Will the when reveald effect occur before discarding that card (because there is allready an unique card called Gandalf in play)? I hope so, otherwise my mission wont work.
  12. Uhmmm... kinda option 2: HTTPS://patents.google.com/patent/US20080234024 Also: /US20130296008A1
  13. I'd vote for option 1 or 2! Any ideas how to make them reality? Edit: there are credit cards with a field for e-ink (not covering the whole card) and also in b/w. But it's a start at least.
  14. No, it is not. I do own only an Android mobile. No possibility to test and develop for Apple on my side. Besides, I program only in my spare time. But if you know a way to convert a APK to whatever Apple needs, just let me know - I could try then...