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  1. Just wondering... how many are "me and my friends"? I am asking, because my playgroup does play almost always with four players and we do a complete quest walk through at the moment. Started with Hobbit Saga, continuing with the regular quests in release order. Right now we started sailing. But we are a group of people with medicore deck building skills. So, not playing nightmare and no restricted card pool. But we have to switch to easy mode every now and then, even skipping some of the hardest quests. ... From my point of view even more restrictions to deck building would let us lose every game. xD I guess it is a matter of player count (and skill of course).
  2. The gathering storm is bonkers strong, East Bright Patrol.
  3. Lately, I tried a Kahliel+Erestor+Denethor deck. That works better with Hirluin/Outlands, but is still possible. You also could play Ioreth and Henamarth. Anyhow, I want that box. Now. At least the rules pdf. Just. Something.
  4. Errrm... no. You cannot play "a few ents" with that contract ^^
  5. Haha. You guys are geniuses. Thanks. But is it worth playing Galion in a non-Silvian-bouncing-deck, just to fulfill the contract one round earlier? :)
  6. With a Dwarf Swarm I'd usually go Leadership/Lore, but with SpBofur I'd tend to Leadership/Spirt. In that case there are exactly 6 unique dwarf allies (ignoring Brok) might work! I never did build even a decent Hobbit deck. Mind elaborating your idea a bit? I thought on Vilya, too. Round six and you got all of a fellowship together - even faster, if you are lucky with your combination of resources and the allies you do have in your starting hand. But you cannot bring Stargazers (probably a Gildor Inglorion might help but that is a costy ally), so to be effective that deck has to contain lots of allies. Different unique allies (so that Vilya does work every time). While they usually are strong, each single one has another flavor. Such a deck would be very inconsistent. In the end I do think this will not be a very good deck.
  7. With the new deluxe expansion comes the Fellowship card. In the two threads to the anouncements was discussed which heroes to chose to assemble the original members of the fellowship, as well as the fact that you profit from certain missions (and saga) when you have more than the usual 3 heroes at the beginning. But what is the fastest way to get a fellowship together, like any fellowship. I am not a Seastan, but I could bet the best archetype for doing so is either Erestor or Caldara. My first approch is the attached Noldor deck. It is not optimized (e.g. Thalion could be replaced for another copy of Steward of Gondor and maybe a warrior sword) to get the allies the fastest possible way. What would be your approach?
  8. Do I get that right? The contract card is not limited to the missions of this expansion. Anyone knows if there are other contract cards and if so, how many?
  9. Facebook is still a thing? o.O
  10. I am a bit afraid of using the player cards with the guarded key word. They are cool and powerful and everything but... basically in a single player game they double the revealed cards you have to handle and in a 4 player game you have already enough trouble to deal with. (To be honest, some of these games you lose, because your decks do not fit well for a certain mission, but most the times you lose, because you either draw 4 locations or 4 enemies in a single round. At least if I sum up my games.) On the other hand, when playing an easy mission you do not need their extra power. So in the end these cards seem to be "win more" cards for me. What is your experience with these cards?
  11. Just checked my archivements: Got only two out of eight from the article. The last time I started a campaign the last box(es) weren't published. So I guess I do not get the first two. xD But a better rate from Calvadurs list: roughly 12/35
  12. Is it on purpose that your link refers to a Facebook link which refers to your blog? Good article! Was nice to read and it is good to know that someone tries to make categories of player behaviour. (That sentence of mine might not sound in a positive way, but it is ment to be positive - not native speaker here. Sorry) Well, but I do think that there is missing a step between dedicated player and master. Between the other categories the "steps" are smaller. I would call me a dedicated player, but there is much more to explore before *baam* suddenly master. :D (in your categories I would be stuck at the tier which "requires" to go to conventions, open game events and such) In my experience there are somewhat minor and major dedicated players. Dunno how to name them. Probably the difference is one is a gaming addicted geek and the other one just plays very, very often. I like your ideas and your sense of humour, really! :) Might be a good addition (or even a new article)!!
  13. Mind sending me a link to your exact boxes from amazon?
  14. Woha! Very nice. Are these wine boxes from bought (and shipped) bottles or can you order them separately on e.g. Amazon? On topic / above questions: I do not use binder(s), because that would take up to much space. I have the cards in a box. Player cards: They are sorted alphabetically, but devided by sphere and type. Encounter: Sorted by sets, in release order.
  15. This "then" is new to me. It seems, that I are playing house rules here. :) Especially, because the "then" starts with a new sentence. For me it sounds like "do first, do a second thing, afterwards". I am used to a different wording from other games: "do X to Y", where Y is a positive thing and X some sort of cost. That would be much more clearer - at least for me.
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