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  1. Quest companion down?

    I kinda like the idea of a wiki. What about the Wikipedia? Would that be an option?
  2. Quest companion down?

    Hmm. Even that 000webhostapp.com link dosen't work for me?!
  3. Big news?

    Hmm. I do not like this attempt to sell games. For me, it feels like they published a beta version of the game for the full price and then you have to purchase even more content to get it running. Ok, with a LCG or TCG this _is_ the concept. But when having a "core game" then - ihmo - it should run on its own. And they make some greater pause between the base game and each cycle... Instead, they should've focused on these other brands of theirs. rant over.
  4. Your text is quite small, it's hard to read.
  5. A friend of mine complained that there are not enough quests around and that FFG should release quest packs with new quests from existing encounter cards - by just creating new main quest cards. I told him that is an easy thing, and also had a simple idea for such a mission. It does not have a very brilliant concept and is short, too. But maybe you want to try it yourself. It has only 4 new cards - just a single sheet to print. There is an upload at Boardgamegeek: https://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/155875/custom-made-quest-through-woods Right after the release of the core set there were some custom made quests in similar style (just new quest cards), but those were limited to the encounter sets from the core set. This mission uses the core set, Khazad-Dun and Heirs of Numenor. Because even HoN is quite old now, the enemies are kind of weak. Should be a walk in the park! Have fun.
  6. Custom Campaign PODs

    Not sure, but there is no distinction. Personaly I'd like to see such restriction for allies in decks. If a hero is fallen then that character should not be resurected as ally and vice versa. But there has to be a distinction between destoyed and discarded (e.g. Rohan allies which can be easily resurected from discard, Caldara) and also some rule for e.g. having a copy of a card in the discard and another one on table. And also fofo
  7. Custom Campaign PODs

    I allways love custom made quests and even more: campagins. Anyhow, I had no time yet to read cards&rules of yours. I Just want to add that I do think neither the +1 penality nor that fallen heroes thing is well designed: you cannot play any Caldra decks.
  8. More than a month until I found the time to update my plugins. Sad, but lifes hard sometimes. :-p Anyhow, thanks for the update! I do get a message on each build-in picture: >>Unable to load image resource "TheLordOfTheRingsLCG/icon/e.g.TheThreeTrials.png"<< So I assume there was some mistake at compiling the package?
  9. The cause why I initialy asked: my play group is trying to beat the 3rd quest from Grey Havens deluxe. (That quest with the Aflame locations). So, just in case you are interesed how it went so far I am writing this down... I decided not not play Seastans deck, but - again - my Caldara deck. Arwen, Caldara and (because another Player uses Spirit Eowyn) I decided to go the Galadiels Mirror route. In the first attempt, we mostly surendered on round two. But at second try both the mate with Eowyn (and a second blue hero) and me drew a NT in the starting hand. Because of Arwen I was able to play mine on turn one. With some card draw I drew another one for turn 2. So the mate and me were playing NTs in round 2. Having 3 of them was clearing locations so fast, that basically all damage to Aflame locations had to be assinged to the Stormcaller. Well, we advanced to stage two with 10/12 counters on the Stormcaller location and had bad luck while revealing the nect batch of cards (and had to place more damage onto the only location in play - we lost). In the end; that extreme isn't the way to either.
  10. +1 to the video (especially the sync between music and the counter) But seriously: why don't you take those three cards into your hand and draw three random cards?
  11. Na'asiyah and Dunedain Hunter

    (almost similar thought/question here, that is why I do not open another topic) when having no spirit hero (and no songs, etc.), would it be possible to put Curious Brandybuck into play via his Response? It sprung to my mind that the answer should be a Yes, right?
  12. yea, thanks. now I do have some ideas to build adeck around
  13. Hm. My Caldara deck has Arwen as hero, and indeed: I had the first Tracker in round one on the table. Then I was not so lucky anymore. It took ages until I drew a second NT. I had hoped for a link to a Erestor mill deck or something like that. But maybe its the TA route to go for me then.