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  1. I have found the two army packs for sale through Amazon uk and put my order in 24hours ago and so that's great. What I can't understand is that these expansions are still not available through the FFG web site as far as I can see. Hob can retailers on the uk have them for sale when the American Manufacturer is not yet selling them?
  2. Thank you all very much for coming back to me. You are quite right about the import tax; although, I have bought many game from the USA and sometimes I pay the tax and sometimes not (have no idea why they miss some parcels). I will on this occasion take you advice and wait for a UK retailer to stock them. All the best Dave
  3. Thank you for coming back to me. I did find the store page but wanted to pre order. It looks as if this cannot be done until stock is available for delivery. I shall just keep watching the store page. All the best. Dave
  4. Hi All I have eagerly awaited the two Battlelore army packs and now see that they are being shipped. However, apart from the base game, which has been available from Amazon for ages, I have never bought from FFG before. I live in the UK and when buying games directly from GMTs P500 I have found that their games usually take anything from 6 to 8 weeks to reach the retail sector in the UK after my direct purchase has reached me. My question is, can we buy directly from FFG or does the company only sell through retailers. If only through retailers does anyone know how long it will be before the games are available in the UK. Thank you very much for your help and advice. Dave
  5. Thank you very much for coming back to me. I shall just bide my time and wait. All the best dave
  6. Hi All I'm very keen to buy the new expansions. Does anyone know when they will be available to buy and will they be issued together? Thank you for your advice. Dave
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