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  1. Hi all, We have sunday 31th our 3th tournement. We still have place for 3 people. Check the facebook site Imperial Assault Amsterdam for more info.. Greetings Hans
  2. +1 I have printed maps and the speed off play is way better, building maps is a drag. hans
  3. Hey Guys, Does the card single purpose works for the whole group when it's played or only for one figure. Hans
  4. Question about doors in Skirmish. How does it work. Does the door goes off the map when opened. Does a door close after the action. Does the door stay open. Greetings Hans
  5. Hello All, First tournament in Amsterdam. 19 september, 12:30- 18:00. For the players nice prizes and it's a free tournament. Please go to facebook Imperial Assault Amsterdam or Spellencenturm Agartha. Greetings Hans
  6. Guys, The two cards * Devious Scheme and First Strike. Can anybody explain what the use is for the player. Greetings Hans
  7. Hey All, The command card i play does it go after to the disgaurd or does it stay in play? greetings Hans
  8. Hey, mayby not the wright forum, but i'm looking for a plan to make a foamboard inlay for my IA box. Can antbody help me. Hans
  9. Hey Guys, The cards i buy from my credits, do can i change the use on the heroes each mission? Hans
  10. Thanks Guys. Happy playing. Greetings Hans
  11. Hi guys, Is it possible to use my Rebel troopers in a campaign, as far i can see you don't get them as a reward. Greetings Hans
  12. Hello All, Can you guys give me some hints to beat the imperials. With cards first etc etc. Greetings from Holland Hans
  13. Hi all, If i going to play a three rebel playes game, what is the best combo. And does one player gets the legendary reward. greetings Hans
  14. Hi All, Q; can i rest two times in my deployment. Greetings Hans Hoekstra
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