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    darkjawa103 got a reaction from BenBot in Guess the new META: 500 point skirmish format?   
    Played two 500pt games last night. Both were fun games. The smaller map means you are shooting each other very quickly, some instances even turn one. Smaller map also means you have to be careful with vehicles that have to compulsory move so you don't end up flying off the map. 
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    darkjawa103 reacted to taylorcowbell in Larger upgrade cards   
    Im just hoping theres some way to get the old upgrade cards in the new format, its going to really bug me having large and small cards on the table haha
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    darkjawa103 reacted to Xquer in New Uthuk hero: Th'uk Tar and Gorgemaw!   
    Deploy last, and then you perform a blue action after deployment (outland scouts has the full text)
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    darkjawa103 reacted to Bhelliom in Does ffg still care about this game ?   
    Excuse you!
    Anyway it's niche, a bit sabotaged by FFG's legion timing, but an excellent game that excels at its design intent of rank & flank. If people prefer Legion (or any number of other games) they will play that, but I am extremely glad for this game. Plus, a new release was announced literally this morning, no need to doom prophet.
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    darkjawa103 reacted to Budgernaut in New Waiqar Hero: Lord Vorun'thul   
    I'm looking forward to seeing what his Heavy Upgrade has. Could 4x3 Reanimates get a brutal 1 upgrade?
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    darkjawa103 reacted to Rettere in Clone war   
    What did the clone sergeant say to his troopers when they were telling jokes instead of fight?
    A: Quit Cloning Around!!
    Ahahahaha CLONE EAR!!!
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    darkjawa103 reacted to Fan Star Wars in Clone war   
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    darkjawa103 reacted to VAYASAN in Clone war   
    Where in the world are you from Fan Star Wars?  Just out of interest.
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    darkjawa103 reacted to Xiervak in Clone war   
    @Fan Star Wars are you Sasha Baron Cohen IRL?
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    darkjawa103 got a reaction from PanchoX1 in That Boba Tho   
    Interesting that he's crammed into Imperial faction like they originally did in Xwing. Guess this means we won't see a separate Scum & Villany faction
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    darkjawa103 reacted to Chucknuckle in The new dials...   
    Aw snap. Can everyone just pretend we’re in the X Wing forum?
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    darkjawa103 reacted to Darth Lupine in It's All About Fun, RIght?   
    Good for you all. I've been playing and going to tourneys since 1988, and I've always approached it different. Different strokes for different folks! ?
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    darkjawa103 reacted to Squark in 3rd imperial commander/ special forces?   
    Scout Troopers are probably the most likely choice for Special forces based on dev statements and the rebels getting Endor troops. But there's not a good commander for them- The commanding officer at Endor's most memorable moment is shouting at Han before taking a toolkit to the chest and falling to his death. Perhaps Tarkin, since he doesn't have a troop unit associated with him (Krennic has death troopers, Palpatine has Royal Guards).
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    darkjawa103 reacted to Big Easy in It's All About Fun, RIght?   
    First off, I find that by playing with objectives you're able to hang on a lot longer than you might think even if getting outshot. That's a lesson I had to learn, and as you mention the game is new so the first time it happens to a player they might get bent out of shape a little. 

    "Letting up" on your opponent in casual play is a personal decision with a lot of factors. Is this someone just trying the game out, considering buying it? Definitely give them a taste of victory. Is this someone who you care for personally, and it would really make you happy to put a smile back on their face? Go for it. Is it just a normal opponent, and you feel fairly confident you can still win by playing a bit less than optimally? Could be a good challenge for you.

    In my experience when I let up a bit, I always get beaten ( I tend to lack "killer instinct" in head to head games). Conversely, I look at every loss as a learning experience and as such my opponent is doing me no favors by letting up. 

    If it's more or less a stranger I think you should just play normally and be as sporting and supportive as you can. If the opponent really has a problem with the game after that, then it's not really your fault is it?
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    darkjawa103 reacted to flightmaster101 in Yay Uthuk Yllan   
    I really dont see any other additions fixing it.  Somebody at FFG loves Ravos and it shows.  I would love to audit playtest results.  I think Ravos in particular needs a royal guard style refit.
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    darkjawa103 reacted to Glucose98 in At the Printer!   
    With Legion out -- I hope to see those Uthuk appear on the boat in the next couple weeks.  I have to imagine that's a separate batch.
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    darkjawa103 reacted to Hepitude in At the Printer!   
    Wraiths and Scouts have been moved to "At the Printer!"
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    darkjawa103 reacted to Church14 in At the Printer!   
    Runewars is dead?
    Seriously though, it’s at least something. However little
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    darkjawa103 got a reaction from natertot in More news. Starting to feel the love   
    Our first 2018 OP kit
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    darkjawa103 got a reaction from Parakitor in More news. Starting to feel the love   
    Our first 2018 OP kit
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    darkjawa103 reacted to flightmaster101 in FFG taking digs at it's own products?   
    Go troll somewhere else.
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    darkjawa103 got a reaction from flightmaster101 in FFG taking digs at it's own products?   
    Whatever happened to "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all"?
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    darkjawa103 got a reaction from Drakoniss in Best unit to bring with Maro   
    I recently tried a 3x1 unit of Crossbowmen and they worked out well for me
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    darkjawa103 got a reaction from kaffis in A Funny Thing Happened   
    Welcome back, sort of. LOL. I'm a big Star Wars geek, but no interest in Legion. I've fallen in love with Runewars and sticking with it.
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    darkjawa103 got a reaction from docForsaken in Let it Rain Blight   
    So after about 6-8 games I finally found a list that I'm liking. I played two games last night with the list below and won both. First game was against my usual Daqan opponent, second was against a friend playing his first game and bringing the Latari. 
    Ardus IX'Erebus
    Shield of Margath
    Ancient technique
    Reanimate archers 2x1
    -combat ingenuity
    Reanimate Archers 2x1
    -close quarters targeting
    Reanimates 3x2
    -support carrion lancer
    -File leader
    -blighted vexillum bearer
    -lingering dead
    -triumphant cry
    Carrion Lancer
    -rank discipline
    Carrion Lancer
    -rank discipline
    Carrion Lancer
    199 points
    Pretty straight forward. Just scoot up as needed and launch blight tokens. I treat the CLs like another ranged attack. Sit back and shoot out blight. Ardus and the Reanimates can run up and block enemy movement or objectives.
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