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    Available Promo Cards

    Does anyone know what alt art promo cards have been made so far? Trying to figure out which ones I don't have yet.
  2. darkjawa103

    Release day!

    Any idea if the card size was a mess up or are upgrades going to be full sized going forward?
  3. darkjawa103

    New Uthuk hero: Th'uk Tar and Gorgemaw!

    Someone remind me what Scout does again...??
  4. darkjawa103

    New Waiqar Hero: Lord Vorun'thul

    Fortuna's on him could be amazing considering he can get lethal and brutal. Really max damage output
  5. darkjawa103

    That Boba Tho

    Interesting that he's crammed into Imperial faction like they originally did in Xwing. Guess this means we won't see a separate Scum & Villany faction
  6. darkjawa103


    I know my local store is having a Regional in August. Can't remember the exact date ATM.
  7. darkjawa103

    At the Printer!

    And they run both at the same time it seems
  8. The blight mechanic seems like it's not at it's full potential yet. I suppose if you build and MSU type list you could get a lot out before getting engaged, but I feel we need more ways to do it once engaged.
  9. www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/3/12/new-challenges-await-you/ Our first 2018 OP kit
  10. darkjawa103

    FFG taking digs at it's own products?

    Whatever happened to "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all"?
  11. darkjawa103

    A Funny Thing Happened

    Welcome back, sort of. LOL. I'm a big Star Wars geek, but no interest in Legion. I've fallen in love with Runewars and sticking with it.
  12. darkjawa103

    Best unit to bring with Maro

    I recently tried a 3x1 unit of Crossbowmen and they worked out well for me
  13. darkjawa103


    Hey we can hope, can't we?
  14. My local store has applied for a Regional tournament. As far as I know there has been no response yet
  15. darkjawa103

    Adepticon Painting Requirement

    Not tournament related, but I do prefer putting painted minis on the table and seeing painted figures when I'm watching videos. Sometimes in a video it's not easy, especially for a new player, to know what something is if it's unpainted.
  16. darkjawa103

    Stream going live in 5-10 mins

    Thanks again was fun to watch and chat
  17. darkjawa103

    Adepticon Painting Requirement

    I know Warmachine and Hordes used that requirement for their "hardcore" format. Can't see how the con can enforce that on all gamws, unless they really want to take pics and advertise a lot
  18. If you don't find anyone locally, let me know. I have an extra Daqan half of a core sitting around doing nothing.
  19. GW models are so much more complicated to assemble. I remember the original AoS starter took me hours to assemble, and I've been playing miniatures games a long time.
  20. And a greater hero riding a wave of bones
  21. darkjawa103


    It was the only Waiqar-ish Avatar I could find
  22. darkjawa103


    I have noticed something since all the Legion articles have been pouring out. I'm beginning to wonder if Legion will kind of Implode. It's a brand new game and appears to have a bunch of skus to release at same time with the core. Assuming that the core is $99 its gonna be a very expensive buy in. I wonder how many really have the money to start. I know I don't.
  23. Thank you for another good episode. I wish I could come down to NC just to have you guys autograph Reanimate cards. LOL
  24. darkjawa103

    Store championship list

    Not really getting the most out of Maro in this list. I would drop him as a solo and add him to a Reanimate unit. Also I have had good luck with running Death Knights as 2x2 compared to 2x1