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  1. In a video I saw from GenCon, they're playing on some sort of mat or playing surface. Will that sort of thing be available from FFG or was it just from GenCon?
  2. Or is there simply no point to this forum? If I have what I think is a solid idea for a game, something I've discussed with other followers of the same franchise and they all think it sounds interesting, is there any way, at all, to pitch an idea to FFG or do they simply not listen to the public? I imagine they probably get hundreds of ideas sent to them every day so I imagine not...
  3. Just seen that Arkham is getting a card game. While I like Lovecraft I really think that Conan would make for a great setting for a hybrid of Elder Sign, LOTR LCG and Warhammer Quest TACG. You could have heroes, with or without Conan obviously, locations, monsters, etc. It could really work so well but I guess FFG is much like Crom when it comes to listening to ideas from the public...
  4. Wish they could have done this for Conan instead, but FFG is much like Crom when it comes to listening to our pleas
  5. Picked this up for me and my eight year old son to play on the train as we do a lot of travelling. It's seriously good value for money, great fun and can get very strategic. Some games are over in two cards, others can go on for a long time. Any chance of an expansion for this...? Even if it's just a couple of more character cards. Still, it's fun. What more could you want?
  6. Not that FFG ever seems to read or reply to anything on this board, but I'm quite surprised they don't do more themed playmats, or at least license it to someone like UltraPro. I play LOTR LCG, Warhammer Conquest, Elder Sign and just picked up Warhammer Quest TACG. I would love to have themed playmats to play on as I mostly play solo. They don't need to have the special zones on them or anything, just something to put the cards on that's somewhat relevant to the game. I know there are Call of Cthulu and WH:Q Store Champion mats, but they're not exactly readily available. You're missing a trick here, FFG.
  7. I'm using a standard Magic the Gathering mat for solo play, which seems to work ok. Does FFG ever do themed playmats or is it just for tournaments? Would have liked something for this and Elder Sign.
  8. Thought there was another topic on this somewhere...? Oh well, yes, Conan would be cool. Maybe as a combined card/dice game, somewhere in between LOTR LCG and Elder Sign. Instead of museum locations it's dungeon locations, monsters are minions and the Ancient One the big boss. Incorporate some of the travel from LOTR; have allies instead of several investigators (although there'll be an argument about who gets to be Conan...); different dice depending on equipment, so having a better axe would be equivalent to an extra die or a better die like the yellow and red i ES; all locations have to be solved in order as in LOTR so you can't jump around like in ES. Expansions would work like locations, so like Stygia, Kush, etc. Although looking around it seems it's exactly what they've done in Warhammer Quest, the Adventure Card Game so it's probably unlikely... Of course, no one from FFG reads these innane threads anyway, so hey ho...
  9. Does this affect European imports as well, or do they come directly from China to Europe? It's a real disappointment though for anyone in the US and hopefully it will be resolved soon.
  10. This pleases Crom.... On the contrary, nothing pleases Crom...
  11. I've recently gotten into the LCG format and it occurred to me that an LCG based on the adventures of Conan (of Barbarian rather than Late Night fame), based on the same rules as LOTR could be quite an interesting proposition. As evidenced by the recent Kickstarter campaign for a Conan board game, raising over $3m, there is plenty of interest in the franchise. It has a world as rich as Middle Earth, if not even more so in my opinion, plenty of scope for "travel", and a plethora of possible enemies and allies. I imagine you could do it as having Conan as an always present "hero", with no faction whose "resource" could pay for anything, and then two more heroes from differing factions, so for example a fighter like Valeria and a mage, with access to different allies and abilities based on those factions. I think it could really work well. Oh, and solo option, obviously. Does FFG read this sort of thread, or do they just think it's "fanboy chatter"...?
  12. I just wanted to check I'm doing a few things right. Just did my second playthrough of the Mirkwood scenario with the Leadership starter deck. Using Theodred's ability I was able to place one resource on Aragorn and ready him every turn, meaning I could add 5 Willpower with Theodred, Aragorn and Gloin, and still have Aragorn readied. Along with Faramir he was able to see of most threats and a couple of lucky draws to start with saw me very quickly through the first two stages, even managing to see off Chieftain Ufthak with a Sneak Attack and Longbeard Orc Slayer, and For Gondor! in one turn. For the third stage I got Beorn's Path, and also Celebrian's Stone and Steward of Gondor which I put on Aragorn, making him a Willpower and Resource horse. So in one turn I commit Aragorn (4), Gloin (2) and Theodred (1), for 7 Willpower. Ready Aragorn again. I then draw The Necromancer's Reach treachery to deal one damage to each exhausted Hero, which kills old Gloin. Does his Willpower still contribute? As I had nothing in the staging area, I assumed it counted and put seven progress markers on the quest location. Next round I committed Aragorn, Theodred and Brok Ironfist for another 7 Willpower. I then drew a Forest Road, with a threat strength of 3. So I win the engagement 7-3, put four progress tokens on the quest location as the Forest Road was still in the staging area, and win the game in about seven rounds. So, some questions: Did I do it right counting Gloin's Willpower? Am I using Aragorn correctly with the Stone and Steward attachments? Is it correct putting the final progress tokens on the quest with a location still in the staging area? And for future info, can I play Sneak Attack on Gandalf, and trigger his abilities more than once? Theoretically just bouncing him in, reduce the Threat Level and return him to my hand, as the Sneak Attack says "End of phase" and Gandalf's text says "End of round".
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