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  1. I am playing a Pathfinder Seeker for our force and destiny Campaign. We are starting at Knight level and I am picking up the talents that allow you to force bond with an animal and use their senses to see and feel thru them. I have decided to have a Vornskrr to bond with. From my favorite EU trilogy of course, the vornskrr were predators that hunted using force sensitivity. They obviously could not utilize the force as a PC could but would it be reasonable to be able to give my vornskrr a force rating of 1 and be able to commit a force die to its hunting and tracking abilities? And also use it when utilizing its sense thru my pc? It would not be able to take on talents or upgrade is force rating. The rating of one would give it the force sensitivity it has as a species. Any thoughts?
  2. Basically he is saying because gunner uses the word "immediately" it needs to trigger first.
  3. Thanks WWHDS. I'm kinda new so is there a specific reference I can refer to? My buddy I play with us trying to say I HAVE to use gunner first. Where in the rule book can I go to show him?
  4. So my question is.... Which upgrade card triggers first? Say I'm flying Latts with Bossk crew and gunner. I take a shot and miss. Can I take a stress, a focus and a target lock and then use my gunner to take the shot again using the TL and focus? Or because gunner says "immediately" do I have to fulfill gunner without the perks of bossk?
  5. Thank you RICHARD, JRRP, I didn't think about the initiative slot either. Good point
  6. We have an Explorer Droid, Explorer Archeologist (Human), and a Smuggler Scoundrel (Human). I already ranked coercion up to 2 but the extra Will gives me the boost in strain as well as an added green die in Coerce. I gain an additional Green die in Ranged light and Gunnery. How important is strain in this case? Thats what is holding me up.
  7. I am currently building a Male togorian hired gun / marauder for our EOE RPG. I have 30 xp left and i want to increase either willpower or agility. I am on the fence as to which i should do because with willpower to 3 I can increase his strain (currently 10) to 11, and with an eventual body guard specialization I can increase again to 12. Few of his talents will require paying with strain to use. How much strain is enough, or is there no such thing as enough strain th. If I go agility to 3, I add another green die to ranged light and gunnery. AS tempting as the increased agility makes my blaster skills, I am wondering if increased strain is more important. I am new to the RPG world so any help in helping me to decide will we awesome. Thanks Slugrat
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