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  1. I also love the lower PS vipers, expensive? Yes, but fun to experiment with... I ran a heavy Bossk list with 2 naked black sun enforcers(ps1) this weekend past against a Kanan/Fenn list.(Bossk--VI,mangler,Dengar,recon spec, 2 x blk sun enf vipers w/auto thrusters) Now, granted there were no "Harpoons"(cause we have none yet) to contend with, but the vipers proved to be the winning factor. I was quite surprised to fly an un-scarred viper in the end with no one left to shoot at....I am excited to get my claws into the new Viper expansion and try out some of the goodies you lads have been talking about...thankyou for all your insight guys!! Cheers the Shad
  2. I haven't got my hands on the new Viper expansion, but I love me some Vipers. Let us know how it performs...I'm certainly interested. Thanks in advance
  3. I've never played with Murne(yet) and have been wracking my brain on how to fit him(her) in a list. You have some cool ideas and I'm very interested in what you're able to come up with. I know you will keep us posted....and thanks
  4. I fully agree, Drokkata is excellent against them. Even around corners with his card and his splash. You can block their terrain(riots) to keep them away, but as Fightwookie says, try to take out the ejets first if you can. I also find Ko Tun a wicked sniper for this when she's focused, or even Solo(of course)... Good hunting and GIA...
  5. This is awesome for all of us !! Thankyou and well done... ...and the Oscar goes to....
  6. Ahem...I forget sometimes...but I just blame being 'Old' (60 this coming Sept, and still gaming my a** off), so I use alot of the tricks the lads have suggested here. youth and speed are no match for old age and treachery.... Cheers
  7. The 'Old Guy' list is one of my favorites: Rebs 3 x Z95 2 x rookie T65's 1 x blue Bwing guns, guns, guns.... Cheers
  8. I'm lacking in the new ship dept.(waiting on order from flgs), so I've been running; Nym(scum) Title, VI, accuracy corrector, auto blaster turret, Genius,bomblet gen Fenn Title, PTL, autothrusters Black sun enforcer(viper) auto thrusters Wicked combo, especially close range. the Viper is great for blocking and if it is ignored it can be very annoying... Cheers....and love Genius!!!
  9. Hi Folks! gotta a quick question, can accuracy corrector be used with an auto blaster turret to lay down 2 un-cancelled hits? Thanx in advance the Shad
  10. Excellent read!! Gotta love the Sentry Droids!! and well done on your win...
  11. You did say un-used cards right? well, here goes nothin... Boba (LOL!!) Trandoshan hunter (reg) Gam guard (reg) eNexu Wampa (reg) Ugnot (reg) CC's grisly contest close the gap wild fury size adv capture the weary hit and run negation price on their heads guardian stance glory of the kill bodyguard improv weapons rally take int element of surprise this post kinda caught me off guard. I usually mull list ideas over for hours....egad! Go Boba......(the resident meta outcast).... BBQ Wampa or Gam guard anyone?
  12. the legion one is probably twice the price too... (at least here in Canada)
  13. In what expansion does Grenadier(spelling) come in? Sorry guys, couldn't find it any where....thanx in advance
  14. I was crafting last night and came up with this for a maul list: Shyla Maul Lando Vinto Greedo Onar Gideon Temp alliance Stun for days...perhaps not on par with Vader's battling bastards....but, I love Greedo, Vinto and Onar (even Lando) together. With the right cc's it might be OK... Fett, Kenny and the Lads, what do you think? Cheers, the Shad
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