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  1. So me and ma homies been playin for a while and one homie says he's gonna force hurl his lightsaber at an enemy(force move is maxed). So his roll would be: his force rating(3 force dice) and his discipline roll(3 yellow 1 green)? The dificulty bein what ever sillouhet(0 cause its hand sized thing=0 purple). Also could he use force minipulation at the same time to keep his saber on to gain lightsaber qualities. the main question realy is, for ranged combat check, is ma homei supposed to use discipline for greens and yellows or should he be using like lightsaber check or some other ****? Cause it sound to me like he be tryin to use saber throw without having to go into like ataru striker tree. Can you use force move to replace saber throw?
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