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  1. Tekeli-li May fit better as a song title though
  2. These are the ones who fit best for now: 0 The Fool(card 0) - Azathoth : Necronomicon Tarot, The blind idiot 1 The Magus - Nyarlathotep : Necronomicon Tarot 2 The Priestess - : 3 The Empress - Shub-Niggurath : Necronomicon Tarot 4 The Emperor - : 5 The Hierophant - : 6 The Lovers - : 7 The Chariot - : 8 Adjustment(trumph) - : 9 The Hermit - Ithakuah : Necronomicon Tarot 10 Fortune(trumph) - Yog-Sothoth : Necronomicon Tarot 11 Lust(trumph) - : 12 The Hanged Man - : 13 Death(trumph) - Tsathoggua : Necronomicon Tarot 14 Art(trumph) - Rhan-Tegoth : The horror at the museum 15 The Devil - Cthulhu : Necronomicon Tarot 16 The Tower - : 17 The Star - Zhar : Star Treader 18 The Moon - : 19 The Sun - Cthugha : Looks like a sun 20 The Aeon - Yibb-Tstll : Said to watch at the center of all time as the universe revolves 21 The Universe - Yig : Necronomicon Tarot, The card often has a serpent on it 22 Wands(fire) - : 23 Disks(earth) - Shudde M'ell : Regent of the chthonians burrowing creatures 24 Cups(water) - Bokrug : Amphibian 25 Swords(air) - :
  3. Put your list on here then This is really hard...
  4. Got a good pointer from another forum I posted in:Donald Tyson't Necronomicon Tarot. This makes the list look like this: 0 The Fool(card 0) - Azathoth 1 The Magus - Nyarlathotep 2 The Priestess 3 The Empress - Shub-Niggurath 4 The Emperor 5 The Hierophant 6 The Lovers 7 The Chariot 8 Adjustment(trumph) - Shoggoth, are there any ancient ones relating to this creature? 9 The Hermit - Ithakuah 10 Fortune(trumph) - Yog-Sothoth 11 Lust(trumph) 12 The Hanged Man 13 Death(trumph) - Tsathoggua 14 Art(trumph) 15 The Devil - Cthulhu 16 The Tower 17 The Star 18 The Moon 19 The Sun 20 The Aeon 21 The Universe - Yig 22 Wands(fire) 23 Disks(earth) 24 Cups(water) 25 Swords(air)
  5. I'm a total copycat and got inspired by the total pimping of the game in this thread: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/714563/arkham-horror-casemodpartial-remake-project-absurd Picking out an anchient one with tarot cards is an awesome idea and I bought a deck for this purpose. I chose the Thoth cards by Aleister Crowley, even though the cards came out as late as 1969. The artwork is a madmans work indeed. Now, I want to make this part of the game as special as possible, just like all the other parts. I want each tarot card to correctly represent an ancient one. As of now I only have Cthulhu as The Priestess because some followers describes him as the great priest. But he could also be Cups, as there are relations between him and water. The main idea is to use the major arcana cards (21) and one of each suit (4), ending up with 25 cards, one for each ancient one. But this is not set in stone if some other cards would suit an ancient one better. A small bonus for me is I'm left with 52 cards I can play with as a regular deck, meaning the rest of the cards won't get wasted. I'm going to study the ancient ones more deeply while having the tarot cards in the back of my head. If anyone else have any good ideas then I want to hear it. Stupid ideas may be helpful too If I don't get mad I'll add the relations to this list as I find them suitable and someone comes up with links between the old ones and a card. 0 The Fool(card 0) 1 The Magus 2 The Priestess - Cthulhu? 3 The Empress 4 The Emperor 5 The Hierophant 6 The Lovers 7 The Chariot 8 Adjustment(trumph) 9 The Hermit 10 Fortune(trumph) 11 Lust(trumph) 12 The Hanged Man 13 Death(trumph) - 14 Art(trumph) - Rhan-Tegoth :: The horror at the museum 15 The Devil 16 The Tower 17 The Star - Zhar :: Star Treader 18 The Moon 19 The Sun - Cthugha :: looks like a sun 20 The Aeon - Yibb-Tstll :: said to watch at the center of all time as the universe revolves 21 The Universe - Yig :: It doesn't really fit the theme but there is a serpent on the card in my deck. Yog-Sothoth fits better because he is coterminous with all time and space 22 Wands(fire) - Tulzscha :: GREEN FLAME! 23 Disks(earth) - Shudde M'ell :: regent of the chthonians, a horrifying race of burrowing creatures 24 Cups(water) - Bokrug :: Amphibian 25 Swords(air) - Ithaqua :: The wind-walker
  6. Yeah. Seems like alphabetical is the way to go. But notes about great, outer, other and etc is a detail I should include.
  7. I am in the planning phase of making a book about the Great Old Ones to replace the sheets of the game with. I wonder if I should make it straight forward alphabetic or divide them into their respective expansions. If I divide them I want to have them in the order they should be in, although I am unshure of what the order would relate to. The lore, or something else? Anyone have any thoughts on this?
  8. I'm a total copycat and I liked your ideas and hopped on them as soon as my game arrived in the mail. I was sick for a week and had nothing better to do I thought I saw other colors on some of the markers so I tried finding matching colors for the monsters which I also used on the other ones. I ended up with both enamel and acrylic paints as I was a bit impatient when shopping for colors. I just wanted to run home after school and paint. I used a semi-glossy polymer varnish on all of it. I was told the polymer might ruin the enamel, but I had no issues with it. I'm very happy with the result. I didn't have patience enough to remove the naps as I found it kinda hard to do before I started painting. Now they're more stiff and easier to cut off with a scalpel and the paint has soaked through. I might do it later on if I'm bored. I've replaced the stamina and sanity markers. The stamina are wooden hearts bought at a cheap store called Nille I painted red. I attempted to write on one side of some of them with a white marker. I'm not happy with the result, even after 3 coats of varnish. The sanity are plastic brains from mmm...brains! I want to paint both the red and white brains with the same color, using the darker ones as 3. But the polymer paint won't stick to the brains properly. The paint suddenly stuck to the two in the picture after some fiddling, but I have no idea how or why. I have no issues when using enamel paint, but I don't have it in dark blue, like the acrylic I used. I'm going to paint over the enamel with the acrylic to see if the result looks any better than the other ones, but I want the red to shine through. I have tried brainwashing before I painted, but the acrylic doesn't want to be friends with the plastic... I got 200$ from my trusted print shop. He printed them on glossy paper which makes the bills look and feel wrong. I'm bathing them in black tea, bunches at different intervals for different shades of old. I'm trying to wear them a bit by carrying some in my wallet and it seems to work. I'll try rubbing one after soaking it for a bit to see if it is possible without removing the ink. My gf tried crunching the one to the left in the wallet. She likes the result, but the ink is gone in between the creases and doesn't look authentic. I also got some wallets for the players I'm looking to replace the clue markers with green glass pearls, like these, but green ones are hard to find nowadays. We got some other colors, but my mind is kinda set on green. Would it look good with blue and clear ones? I've also ordered semi-transparent sealed gate tokens and gate stands. I wasn't sure about the stands, but they were too cheap to not get. I will not get the expensive miniatures though. Update: Waddya know. I found red and green glass pearls on ebay. Whee!
  9. I find the markers kinda hard to paint. miss a little and it's very noticeable..
  10. What did you use to paint the edges of the markers? Are all the dollar bills (1, 5 and 10) the same size?
  11. Yeah, I've seen the video on the separation method, but it seems too artificial to me. Having the cards out on the table displays the artwork and makes the game feel more alive. I'm a bit unsure about the kingsport expansion though. Are there more than 3 expansions adding a board?
  12. I don't really have a problem understanding the base game. It just sat right with me. Keeping track is a challenge though. There is a obvious delay in obtaining the expansions due to the price though. I admit I was a bit exited until I was shopping at the online store. I've set the course for the order of the expansions as follows: Staring with the base game and Dunwich, then Innsmouth to get the personal stories, Kingsport (the least important one as far as I can tell), and finally Miskatonic. In between I'll play the base game due to friends having it without getting any expansions as fast as me as they want more of other board games as well. I expect the game increases in playtime when adding more expansions. Is it still bearable with the board doubled in size? And is it easy to filter out cards belonging to a board if I were to remove a board or two?
  13. I just got an idea to solve the closing the gate they emerged from problem: The monsters get a chance to survive it. Each monster that emerged from a gate getting closed rolls a dice. Maybe they have an increased chance of staying based on the distance from the portal. Or the awareness or toughness adds an increased chance. I'm going to ponder on this in bed. Night.
  14. Looks like I'll start with Dunwich. Turns out that's the only expansion available at the cheapest store. Seems like a safe bet anyways. Question is, which expansion should be next?
  15. Of course I'm going to try it out as soon as I get the game. No worries there. But I thought the monsters weren't divided into specific groups when I toyed with the idea. I'm, back to the drawing board now that I know they are. My end goal is to make the game harder, not easier But before that I need to get the game and I am unsure of what to get. I created another thread for that issue though.
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