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  1. General consensus seems to be the price point while high - is suitable for the first book but FFG probably need to have a think about the price point for the subsequent books if they want more people to see some value and purchase I see some comments about complaining - I think its important that these things are voiced for the success of the publisher. I dont really want to see the next three books come out and only sell a handful of copies to fanboys only because despite good content and production quality, the price point is a bit high. We as consumers provide feedback and if its economically viable and customers are listened too - a lower price point might be the result - and more books will be sold and enjoyed by all!
  2. 62 Australian Dollars - which converts to about $50 US - which to me is what I would pay for a full core rulebook usually - this is not much thicker than a Module which is about $20 (no hardcover though admittedly)
  3. RRP here is actually more - I got it for less. I have no idea what your exchange rate is in the Netherlands - it just seems to be priced at a similar price point for a normal sized core rulebook of 400+ pages.
  4. Maybe this is just an Australian thing - but I am holding this book after a long wait - and just cant understand how this cost me $62.... Does anyone agree? I paid not too much more for Edge of the Empire and Age of Rebellion - which have almost 3 times the content? I cannot help but feel disappointed - I was honestly expecting more.
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