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  1. After that paragraph including all the iconicTM Characters and planets sets the trademark all the things tone Isn't it conspicuous that only the Death StarTM is trademarked and not all the Star Destroyers and X wings etc?
  2. Furrygopher

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    I like big butts and I cannot lie.
  3. So your argument is that there is a finite time period where ships can be drawn from aiming the game at a market of those living in nostalgia of that time probably a time defined by when they personally grew up and invested in the culture, I disagree, the miniatures game adds to that cultural narrative today in the same way that any of those games listed did in their time, arguing against the inclusion of a ship because it isn't sufficiently supported by the lore is the equivalent of a playtester for rebellion arguing against including a tie defender because it wasn't in the movies or the canon they were familiar with in the 80's.
  4. "Only seen in a videogame" Couldn't you level the exact same complaint against the Assault Gunboat not to mention a plethora of other ships in the game? the moldy crow hardly has a huge list of apperances
  5. Here is a transcript of my inner monologue oooh this white typie section is bright I ought to turn the gamma down...nah it's dark and the buttons are over there what does this guy making this post want? Wait is my pizza burning? so dubidobido Phantom ..... nerf: Jesus it's getting cold, I should close the window. The transcript ends here, I guess I had no useful thoughts.
  6. Something exists therefore manufacturing concerns do not apply? Thanks for making me defend the Sun Crusher. Just build 100,000 sun crushers and line the exterior hull of an executor with them! especially that pesky bridge window area, so the guy who's job it is to prevent the ship nose diving into the nearest gravity well has some extra protection.
  7. I passionately hate the vong and the sci-fi trope for biological space ships in general, "oh no they are super advanced because they have biologically based ships what ever will we do?" .... shoot the buggers, shoot them in their space face a lot and watch them die, watch inefficient circulatory systems bleed out, watch leather or chittin or bark or whatever fail to stop your energy weapons, watch that vaunted self repair system not have time to do anything useful as you turn the ship into your next BBQ lunch,
  8. I agree and don't yep it's bland but the Empires paint schemes on it's larger ships have always been somewhat bland. If FFG decided to spruce them up with bunches of daffodils on the side it would be weird.
  9. 29th of Feb, waaaaait a minuet next year is a leap year so that joke isn't going to work :S
  10. i think FFG wants to give Armada some time to shine in the sun before announcing more x wing news to keep the hype up long enough to get people to buy into it That would work if Wave 1 had launched along with the Core like it was supposed to... Different missions are interesting, but the game is pretty bare bones as it is. "Do I want some Victory Class with Ties? ...or some Victory Class with Ties? Hmmm." Me and my friends are holding off playing more games until the first wave comes out. Squadron variation is a huge necessity at the moment. So, instead, we're really just wishing for some Imperial Raider news or the next wave. I'm holding off until wave 3 or so myself even with wave one your options still appear limited, new cards for your core set ships, the gladiator, a ship I've never encountered before and have no real emotional investment in and the assault frigate that I vaguely remember from Supremacy (Rebellion for you non tea drinkers) as a waste of resources. Wave 2 is better on the old emotional investment front I guess but still not where I want it to be. I guess I am hoping that we get to put some escort carriers/strike cruisers/Nebulon B-2's/lancers on the table to make it look like a fleet game
  11. reminds me of the days of yore when I worked for blizzard where once a week I had to spend hours in the capital cities despawning level 1 corpses that had been arranged to spell out a gold selling website. still that's probably the most productive thing I would have been doing with my time.
  12. I've never seen the time a ships from canonically as much of a problem, why does that imply they are empirically better when galactic civilization is so enormously old? I tend to just look on the differences as expressions of economic, political, military and aesthetic concerns rather than technological ones. Like a tie fighter could probably have been given life support, but why bother? they don't have shields and any breach in the hull would kill the pilot stone dead if they were in a rebels open helmeted garb (I think the rebels are supposed to have a personal force field around them in emergencies). But you are the empire people are a cheap resource give them a cheap suit and churn out a gillion ties for them.
  13. Asteroid fields do not concern me admiral.
  14. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/CT-11_space_tug
  15. I guess I was just a little too old to get swept up when anime became a thing because i found this rather dull. I just remember thinking "that's not how ion engines work" when we saw the cross section of the turbines.
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