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  1. When we play tested our first group, we all felt that the space combat rules were a bit wonky. Tedious, slow. We are planning a combat only night just to run through the rules and sort stuff out.
  2. Doesn't Handling apply for all Piloting skill checks? I thought GtA was a skill check. It's a check, but vs. a charted difficulty based solely on the speed of the vehicles. We thought it should also factor in handling. The second point was a notion of pilot vs. pilot skill, not just the stats of the ships. So, you would apply handling as a boost die to the pilot check to account for handling aspect, and the speed is the difficulty dies?
  3. On that note, does anyone disagree with how they determine the degree of difficulty on Gain the Advantage? We were playing last night, and it came up, and wound up being an hour long table discussion. Our consensus was that it should include handling, as well as speed, and factor in piloting skill. Was it done with speed only just for the sake of ease?
  4. My thought was to divide the sections of the outer rings into similar sections. So, assuming 360 degreees in a circle, divide it into 120 sections. Each section would be the same structurally, with a loading bay, housing, eating, etc. Obviously there would be different tenants, etc, but at least it would be an easy way to at least get a general layout for the players to move around in. So it could be Landing Bay 97, or the administrator for section 66 is corrupt, etc. Seeing as the consensus is that the wheel is quite large, it could even be 360 sections.
  5. Anyone have an idea of scale? I know it says a population of 300,000. I guess its time to homebrew. =)
  6. Anyone have a map or expanded information on the Wheel? I'm starting a new group, myself included as GM, in EotE, and using Beyond the Rim as a jumping in point. I'm plannin on using the Wheel as our base, and was wondering if there is anything out there.
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