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  1. At last!! We finally agree on something ??? Cheers Baaa
  2. Apart from the love I had for my ex-wife. That's definitely dead. Cheers Baaa
  3. And a wannabe mod pops his head in. Which is more than the real ones do I suppose. Cheers Baaa
  4. Baaa

    Where's Joe?

    That's good to hear, glad he's ok. On the other hand ban? Meh. Keep flying big fella. Cheers Baaa
  5. You are all missing the point entirely, it's going to cost me £90 retail or £70 discount pre-order to convert all of my ships. The four of them. But it won't. I'll buy the bits I need from eBay for around £10-£15 (estimate). So I've really been complaining needlessly to get my post count up. Cheers Baaa
  6. I fully approve and endorse Pointless Threads. Cheers Baaa
  7. Baaa

    Totally Pointless Thread

    TLDR? Bacon is the bestest. Cheers Baaa
  8. Baaa

    Totally Pointless Thread

    Never a truer word spoken on these here forums. Cheers Baaa
  9. Where's Joe these days? Cheers Baaa
  10. Baaa

    Totally Pointless Thread

    X-Wing 1.0 may be on the way out and X-Wing 2.0 will soon be the plastic crack of choice for most of the people on these boards; But this thread will still be Totally Pointless. Cheers Baaa
  11. This ^. There are too many people who fail to see that FFG/Asmodee are doing the exact same thing to them that GW does to people who play their games; i.e. milk them for every penny that they're willing* to pay to stay in a game. Given that FFG drip feed their rules in beside their models, how much would it have cost to get a complete set if you bought all of the expansions they came in? Yep, you would have got some ok models along with them, but I'm pretty certain that it's quite a bit of money. Cheers Baaa * Italicised as no-one forces anyone to buy either FFG/Asmodee games OR GW ones.
  12. The TAP, Defender and TIE Advanced are all I have left of my collection. And a Gunboat. Cheers Baaa
  13. I can sympathise with that; the new Necromunda models reminded why I never bought anything apart from Space Marines. Cheers Baaa
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