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  1. I am not sure of the details, but there was a major problem with Best Coast Pairing st the Atlanta System Open that caused major delays. I have used BCP in the past and did not like it. TableTop TO seemed to be good at the recent Hyperspace Trial I attended.
  2. On 1.1.1 Android and every time I use the app it freezes and closes suddenly. Sometimes quickly, sometimes after a number of changes to the squad. Usually happens after I try to add an upgrade and scroll down. Good WiFi connection, so not sure why.
  3. Chewie got his medal. He's just not showy about it. Clashes with the warrior vibe... https://www.slashfilm.com/chewbacca-medal/
  4. EdIt to change my position: I sent the question to FFG to clarify what their intent is. Based on my reading, if you did not overlap. You can perform your action. If bases are touching without overlapping, it is range 0 and you can't attack.
  5. Only OVERLAPs affect losing your action and ability to attack. If you move a ship and the sides of the bases touch, you still can perform your action and attack the ship at range 1.
  6. With so many problems with the app, I would hope this would be a low priority.
  7. Sure it does. Basic Question: "Is the app error free?" Answer: "NO - One Example is Vader Pilot and Crew in the same list, thus the app has errors." Incorrect point values are another example of error. Until FFG confirms that the app is error free, it should be assumed that there is a possibility of error.
  8. Because you can still create a list with Vader as a pilot and a crew member on a shuttle - we have to assume the app is in error. As far as I know, FFG has issued no announcement about the app being up to date or fully corrected, so I assume it is wrong. The 3rd party app I use doesn't have this problem.
  9. Simple answer - No, as explained by Innese above. The FFG app, which is supposed to enforce "rules so that players do not accidentally build illegal squads" is not currently doing so.
  10. "The FFG Squad Builder will list the half points and is currently rounded up for odd totals." Where is this in the Squad Builder?
  11. I can get the escape craft, but Elusive, Predator, and Outmaneuver don't come up.
  12. On my Android app, everytime I add a ship, it takes me to the list and I have to click "Add Ship" and then open up the ship selection again to pick another pilot. Quite annoying to build an Inferno Squad swarm list and the fact that you can't copy a ship makes multiple generics also slow to build. I have no problem with the PC based app doing this, as it let me click to add a ship and leaves the pilot selections open and I can add them without it closing.
  13. Yes...Unfortunately. Our tournament on Saturday was cancelled due to the hurricane, but was hoping to verify win conditions rather than playing to destruction of one player's ships.
  14. It's release day. Where's the FFG Squad Builder App? Where's the tournament rules for scoring?
  15. So I was wondering about this. We plan to have a tournament this week, but I have not seen official rules for tournaments and scoring. I can make up my own guidelines, but I have not seen anything official from FFG.
  16. Ancedotal reference to people leaving the game. In my area, attendance is up at tournaments, in part due to running some different formats and getting in some interesting prize support and themes. We also have a number of new players showing up, so my single point of data would say it's up. I know you can't determine the state of the game everywhere, but if FFG used any indicators, they would look at sales and attendance at different tournaments and sales. I know that last year, the closest Regional to me was 77 players and this year was 139. England also hosted a system open that I read was around 500. So I'm not sure if Xwing is dwindling overall, since my area seems to be growing. My personal feelings about the game have changed. After having gone to 2 regionals in 2 years and reading about the meta lists in big tournaments, I've invested more into helping my local tournaments grow and over different formats to keep it interesting. I may still try to go to Worlds and some big tournaments down the road, but right now, I can focus on casual gameplay and helping others have fun learning and playing the game.
  17. I find playing one format can get old after a while and it's good to make changes for something new. I've taken to giving monthly themes to our LGS tournaments and playing different formats. One month it might be a standard 100/6 dogfight, another month it was doing Fog of War, where we put a barrier in the center of the mat, allowing placement anywhere on your side and removing the barrier at the start of the game. In May we're doing a 70-30-120 3-round Escalation tournament. We've also talked about doing a Hired Gun tournament where you play Rebels or Empire, but can have 1 Scum ship in your list.
  18. Could we just ask that Imperial lists be allowed to add a Scum "Bounty Hunter" ship and see what combinations come out of it?
  19. You're right, we don't want "an FAQ." We want "a FAQ" that includes appropriate errata. Get on board the SWXWMGFAQAE train...
  20. The official name should be "Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game Frequently Asked Questions and Errata" and in every post we should be required to post the full name in every post or use the acronym SWXWMGFAQAE for simplicity...
  21. To the first point, a lot of the countries in Europe are about the size of American states, so it would make sense that there would would be more diversity crossing nation borders versus a US state border. I attended our regional in Georgia and thought everyone was well behaved, respectful of the organizers and each other. I enjoyed myself despite going 2-4 and met a number of new friends. A friend of mine dropped at 1-3 to have free time to drink a few beers and catch up with old friends. I think the experience you have varies from place to place, but I've always had fun in the events I've played.
  22. Lt. Karsabi with Wired, Xg-1 Title, Heavy Laser Cannon and Linked Battery is a good 35 point ship. Slam and then take a stress to remove the weapons disabled token. Wired gives you a reroll on your attack and defence focuses and Linked battery allows you to reroll one attack die. You can use it with the VI Quickdraw and VI Inquisitor or another good ship.
  23. Call every player running rebels a big Nerf herder. Make sure you tell em they're scruffy looking too...
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