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  1. Just a new article with some new juicy tidbids would be appreciated, nearly 2 months since announcement. And all im seeing is X-Wing posts
  2. Darthain is absolutely correct. I used Agrellan Earth, then shaded with Agrax Earthshade, then drybrushing with Karak Stone and Ushabti bone Its actually a really easy process. The only 2 important things are that you do not put a too thin or too thick layer of agrellan earth on. And that you do not start any paint work before the last layer is completely dry.
  3. Heres some of mine, feel free to ask any questions
  4. Hi everyone So i just wanted to ask. If Lord Hawthorne does multiple attacks in a round, does the modifier work for all of them? I would guess it does since defense +1 as an example also works for the rest of the round. But if it does, can stun then only remove the modifier from one attack or from all attacks? Best regards Drakthal
  5. Id say keep it as is with the infantry command being on the box "the link for the figures go to the box anyways" and that means we can keep the heroes in base boxes on the figure not the box.
  6. Ok just added all Daqan units released so far that was not added yet. (Lord Hawthorne, Spearmen, Oathsworn Cavalry and Rune Golems) Later today or tomorrow i plan on adding (Reanimates, Reanimate Archers, Carrion Lancers and Ankaur Maro) And then i do have Maegan Cyndewil as well, where i can see that only the first paragraph has been added, if noone adds the rest i can do that too. Furthermore is the Leonx riders complete. It seemed kinda short.
  7. Im gonna do it for the Unit Pages, and i just saw that the command units already had their lore text on the wiki.
  8. I havent had the time. I do however have some time in the weekend where i might go on each unit in the Waiqar List and add the lore bits about thoose.
  9. So i see a lot of people talk about the Waiqar against a spearstar. But i actually think a much more interesting question is how to handle the Reanimate Star as Daqan. As an example Reanimates x 12, with Ardus Ix Erebus, Front Line Carrion Lancer, Blighted Vexillum Bearer, Triumphant Cry and Lingering Dead Ankaur Maro, with Heartseeker and Regenerative Magic Leonx Riders x 2 Reanimate Archers x 2 with Combat Ingenuity My idea here would be that a Daqan player would have to occupy the Reanimate Star while killing the other 3 units, and then hit the star hard and fast. Therefore Lord Hawthorne Kari Wraithstalker, Fortunas Dice Oathsworn Cavalry x4, Rank Discipline, Terrifying Herraldry Oathsworn Cavalry x4, Rank Discipline, Terrifying Herraldry and then either Spearmen x4 with Citadel Weapons Master or Runegolem x1 and Runegolem x1 This leaves a couple of points you can do with what you want. What do you think? Would this be a decent counter or got any other ideas?
  10. Anyone else experienced this bug? Just tried making a Daqan List where i had the following already Kari with upgrades Runegolem Runegolem Runegolem Lord Hawthorne with Upgrades Oathsworn Cav When i then tried to add another Oathsworn everything seemed fine, but when i scrolled up, it had replaced Lord Hawthorne with an Oathsworn Cavalry. I fiddled around a bit and got it to make the same error like 4 times, with different units being replaced with different units. (Only tried with Daqan though)
  11. Hi everyone. I wanted to hear whether anyone would be willing to join forces and write the story snippets from each pack on for example the wiki. (If this is something that is frowned upon by FFG or by the community as a whole, feel free to delete/ignore this post.) In general i want to read all the story snippets as they add to the immersiveness of the game, but since i am only collecting Waiqar and Daqan i will not be able to read the Latari and Uthuk parts. Therefore i thought it would be great if people were to combine forces and write in the stories on the wiki. I would be willing to write in the Undead parts both from the core set and all expansions, and would then hope three other people would be willing to write in the Daqan, Latari and Uthuk story bits.
  12. And thats why im asking. Since that is a totally legit alternative option. Either A: All units count or B: All units for deployment count
  13. Hi guys So after the FAQ was released, one of the noticeable changes was in terms of deployment. Here the ruling was that if one player has 8 units and the other has 5. The 8 unit player has to deploy 3 units before the 2 players begin the normal deploy routine starting with first player. Now my question is, how does the Outland Scouts fit into this? Let me make an example. I am second player and i have 5 units (of which 2 are outland scouts). My opponent has 8 units. Is this the way deployment would work? Opponent deploys 4 units (4 left), i deploy 1 unit (4 left) opponent 1 (3 left) me 1 (3 left) opponent 1 (2 left) me 1 (2 left) opponent 2 (0 left) me 2 (0 left) )f this is the correct way to intepret it, it both gives strong advantages and disadvantages to outland scouts since you are forced to deploy certain units early, but can see your opponents units before placing your scouts.
  14. A Runewars quality version of the Broodwalkers from Descent would be awesome for the Waiqar forces!
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