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  1. Not a big fan of that design, it looks like a stonemason's trowel. Where is it from? It was originally mentioned in Dark Empire but has been expanded on. Its a Battlecruiser Carrier class star destroyer.
  2. I would love FFG to make this Carrier available. Secutor-class Star Destroyer would fill this role perfectly having quite a large fighter capacity, and being 2.2km would look awesome on the board.
  3. Don't forget, he was also smuggler of illegal goods including the illegal drug spice.
  4. I just got my order from combat company today as well. I'm so happy to have my hands on wave 1!
  5. I would probably go with one ISD for now. I may get another one later on if I can find its doable without being bare to the bone. I'm thinking going 2 VSD and 1 ISD would be a good combo as it means you can get some extra support without the ISD feeling to exposed.
  6. Don't forget about those films made after the original trilogy. Need I remind you
  7. I would rather have a more serious adult orientated version of Star Wars. Lord of the Rings is a good example of a film series that was focus more on being more dark which was still watchable for kids while still being serious. Here's some good examples why making all ages orientated Star Wars isn't very good. Ewoks & Jar Jar Binks I'm not saying make it in inaccessible to kids, but making it more mature wouldn't be a bad idea. Even Marvel films and DC films have become more dark and gritty, and kids love them.
  8. Here is a diagram with Praetor in scale with other ships courtesy of jonnyboy0121 from super star destroyer discussion. For its size, it it may be too big for Armada even if it were scaled down.
  9. Great vid Joe! Glad to see you playing and reviewing more board games.
  10. We have tried to work with it. This is the reason why we listed the other ships in the diagram in the first place. If we are going to consider it we need to look at the pros and cons of such a unit first Here's the list of pros and cons I see with a SSD Pros 1.It would be cool to have a SSD in Armada 2. Would allow epic play for Armada Cons 1. SSD will cost a lot to manufacture and purchase. 2. SSD will be only available to one faction (Because the rebels didn't have anything bigger past a Bulwark III) 3. SSD will overall be unbalanced and unfair 4. SSD will be too big and clunky for 6x3 mat with a 6 turn game 5. SSD will have to be freakishly out of scale to be considered useable. If there is any other pros and cons I have missed list them in your post. I have yet to see any other good reason for a SSD. If you want to have good game balance in Epic games then ships need to have ships the same relative same size and firepower. As I have already pointed out that the Rebels biggest ship is the Bulwark mark III (2.5km) so the Imperial faction would need to have a ship of similar size to be fair, such as the Allegiance class (2.2km) or the Secutor class (2.2km) You can't just have a SSD for one faction and expect that to be fair or make for a better game. And you can't expect a ship model over 16" is going to be just as playable on a 6x3 mat as a normal game is. It simply won't be with the size of ships in this game currently. If the people who are pro SSD could meet the anti SSD half way on this matter I think most people could agree on it.
  11. I'm so excited to get my hands on one of those ISD. I still have yet to get my core set and I still am going to preorder an ISD as soon as it is available!
  12. I am actually excited to try out Tie Bombers. At speed of 4 Tie bombers are the fastest Bomber unit in the game, which could be good in attacking Capital ships. Having Corrupter upgrade on a VSD also makes the Tie Bomber more effective, which would be a upgrade I would love to try out with tie Bombers I'm looking forward to trying this combo out and see if it can be an effective, with the help of some fighter escorts of course
  13. And, blasphemy! It's proton torpedoes! How embarrassing! I mixed up Proton with Photon torpedo from another franchises....
  14. I like the idea the Interdictor could prevent some attacks from hitting it or other units. I think they illustrated this well in the Tie Fighter short film where the Immobilizer 418 uses its gravity wells to interrupt Y wing Photon Torpedoes That to me is something that could work in the game. If not that, then maybe being able to prevent enemy squadrons from attacking other ships by instead making them attack the Interdictor.
  15. From what I've read in the FFG wave 1 expansion articles, they appear to have separate command cards and named ship cards to the core set. They do however have basic upgrade cards like engine techs, etc. Here's the articles on what cards are included with the wave 1 expansions Empire http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=5325 Rebels http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=5348
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