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  1. hmm, I didn't know that, thanks Well I guess add in "you may equip up to 3 of the same cannon upgrades" Find a way to bend the rules a little bit
  2. B-wing Configuration: Mobile Turbolaser add cannon slot "When attacking if you have 2 or more of the same [front arc] cannons equipped add 1 hit result" I like to think that if you have 2 of the same cannons and attack a ship, you're going to land a stray bolt or two. It prevents a guaranteed hit from HLC since its a bullseye arc cannon. it could help the lesser used cannons have some utility since you turn them into 4 dice guns
  3. Would it possibly translate to Surge? the token does have an arrow on it, and it could incur stress since its as red token
  4. did they use the cockpit from the 1.0 edition on the model displayed under the product image? I couldnt notice the pronounced turret in the second picture..
  5. I havent seen too many people mention the new Firespray Dial in the preview, a huge improvement over 1.0
  6. Always in my right hand and usually in the bottom right corner of the mat unless its occupied
  7. god isnt that the truth. I have the starfield and DS2, and DS2 hangs over the entire starfield mat between 1-3cm on each side. its mind numbing how they dont have a universal size for their cutter
  8. Ok, then what about Palp, Crack shot, Atatnni mindlink?....theres always at least an error in these articles. Im not saying it detracts from the content, but just pointing them out
  9. Found the error(s) already. even though they reference the changes made to the Jumpmaster later in the article, all other cards referenced have the "old" text...Biggs, Manaroo...
  10. The$game$is$great$visually$stunning$and$much$better$mechanics$than$the$first$ E$A$only$cares$about$profit$
  11. There is precedence for this with the Nashta Pup pilot card and base, albeit it has a printed point cost on the upgrade card...this is actually the most efficient and somewhat clever way to fix a lot of ships. I really dig this idea
  12. I used to try and buy close to 100pts per ship but the recent releases have made me cut back, there's nothing really spamable even in casual that's come out in the past few waves.
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