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  1. Well Rebel Vets *cough Echo Base troopers* are actually in the proper films and make sense vs. shoretroopers that specialize in fighting on beaches but nonetheless fight on beaches already swarming with regular stormtroopers. I guess that's only really a consolation prize as it were...
  2. Should you have shoretroopers babysit the mortar? I mean, at least it's got range 3-4 vs. 4+ so their ranges with the T-21b overlap a bit more, but I'm just not sure what I'm supposed to do with the pair of them.
  3. Well when Fordo's crew showed up it was a mixed squad of a handful of ARCs and a bunch of Phase Is so that might be an interesting dynamic to explore.
  4. Use three boards if you can; it works a treat with the Kill team boards and is just a bit smaller than the standard play area
  5. There's a way you get that average damage math: somewhere someone's rolling 7+ hits every time they attack with their Rebel Troopers (with accompanying red armor whiffing) and elsewhere it's complete trash. In my case my opponent has the luck and I do not, but at least my weapon dice do something. I'll definitely be buying four packs because I always field four stormtrooper squads.
  6. Should just amend deployment to X-wing large/epic base style: you need to have a corner/edge touching the edge of the mat.
  7. Really? Tank droid, Hailfire, crab droid, commando droids, Magnaguards, Maul, Asajj, Durge (not happening ), Jango, Cad Bane, a bunch of oddball politicos (not a fan, but they are there). And that's only the stuff I can think of off the top of my head. Compared to X-wing the CIS has lots and lots of options for units in a ground battle.
  8. RT-97C is hands down the best... Anyone who's been on the receiving end of a Z-6 volley that removes your entire squad from the board can appreciate that (and it happens way too often). I still tend to run one to two HH-12s cuz my buddy tends to run armor but I won't pretend that's ideal.
  9. I do seem to recall that you get opened *and* closed poses of the droidekas out of the core set, unless I heard wrong, which would mean they're setting precedent in the box. One unit of two Droidekas is ready to speed into battle in wheel mode. Once there, the wheel mode miniatures can be replaced by two Droideka miniatures ready to lay down heavy fire on targets the B1 Battle Droids cannot take care of.
  10. Welp, DLT-19 is gone in my forces... long live the most excellent RT-97C! Now to decide if I'm going to use Apothecary White or my existing Stormtrooper painting method...
  11. Well GW doesn't do a direct currency equivalency... Wouldn't surprise me if FFG isn't...
  12. #FirstWorldProblems Jeez, I was using the same Eldar army for ten years without a constant stream of new releases... Surely waiting a bit for more shelf clutter to buy is acceptable.
  13. Can't go wrong with a pair of Xurons... Thousands of uses around the house too.
  14. I'd hazard that the bunker is so expensive because it's quite large.
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