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  1. Seems like 12 to 24 months is the timeframe in which normal (i.e. not sporadic) organized play starts occurring; 2.0 is a bit further out.
  2. It would've been nice if they hadn't gone to a proprietary base size (you can fit six 25mm bases into the back of an Occupier) but alas...
  3. And yet the Occupier still can't fit six figures on 27mm bases on its bed without overhang. These are toys, meant to be handled, not scale models and they should reflect that reality.
  4. Rex is and always has been a palette swap of Fordo (who replaced him for no apparent reason). Grab some Delaque pistols and you've got him 100%.
  5. Yes, I'm willing to pay for a higher damage ceiling... Veers +Electrobinoculars is already handing out aim tokens like they're candy so there's that. The bigger question is how many Shores are you taking?
  6. Back in my day we built our Falcons with (metal) starcannons and ran them like that every game because that is what is done. Now you just need cheap magnets and you can build whatever you like because all the options are in the actual kit. No excuses, especially with the infantry.
  7. Saved by fanfic doesn't equate to still alive...
  8. Hailfires all day long baby... I do hope they pump out nothing but Geonosian garbage for a few months though... Saves me a bit of cash for more Sisters of Battle/Underworlds stuff.
  9. I magnetized my tank... Cut the nubbin off the bottom of the gun and glue a matching magnet in the little hinged bit. Works perfectly.
  10. You could always scale the barge to the fake Star Wars battlefront map
  11. I brought this up a while back and it's basically down to "hopefully" "why bother?" and "fat chance".
  12. Put all her movie lines on three command cards and she won't have any lines left.
  13. Riekaan and Nadine are much better choices; the less politicos in this game the better.
  14. I've found that making the initiative bid based on activation number as opposed to points works pretty well.
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