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  1. Let's put cartoon characters before the two major black characters with speaking lines... Not racist at all.
  2. GW generally does it... I see no reason why FFG wouldn't.
  3. I'd hope to see movie Jedi before all the cartoon stuff gets added (obviously on the CIS side that wouldn't work as well)... and there are a lot of movie Jedi. Ahsoka before Mace Windu, Aayla Secure, Kit Fisto, etc would be a major shame... I'd also expect Cody before Rex (obviously Fordo will get axed in favor of his less cool replacement). Edit: Just realized this... why on Earth did we get Sabine before Lando?
  4. There's nothing in the rules that indicate they couldn't stack.
  5. Y'know, styrene, the material that GW plastics (and most plastic model kits period) are made of. You can use actual plastic cement on it instead of resorting to gooey super glue and sculpted weapons are sharp enough to cut people. Instead we get a Bones-esque plasti-resin material with really soft details.
  6. FFG would greatly benefit from switching to styrene... Crisp details please... Plus plastic cement.
  7. Well GW also brought back Necromunda, Blood Bowl, and now the quite accessible Kill Team (not to mention Shadespire)... plastic Sisters even... After over a decade of swearing off the brand they're finally putting out stuff that I want to buy. X-wing releases for factions I play (the big 3) have virtually stopped so the only money FFG is getting from me is for their relatively slow and if we're being honest softly sculpted and problematic moldline riddled Legion releases. You can't compete with WoW... And when it comes to 28mm-ish infantry games you can't really compete with GW either.
  8. 1000 pts plays about the same as 800 pts time wise; it's become the standard size with my group. It allows for list variety you don't get at 800 pts so I definitely recommend it.
  9. Personally I don't think Weiss is worth it; you shouldn't really be spending that many points on an AT-ST... But to each their own...
  10. Darktroopers... Well, I wish I thought we'd be getting those.
  11. I'd buy a close-topped Occupier in a heartbeat...
  12. Tauntaun riders and dewbacks probably... I'm sure they'll get around to Rebels but it'll probably just be the Grand Inquisitor and not the numbered randos... Edit: Not getting Carlist Riekkan and/or Crix Madine would be a **** shame though considering they're actually characters in the movies with speaking lines vs. some CG Johnny come latelys
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