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  1. Mmh I think I didn't understand well both points, could you elaborate please? To save the builds, do you mean that you save for example, a Nebulon B with Salvation title and Slaved Turrets, so you just click somewhere in a list and it adds it to the fleet? Sure. 1-Expansion selection: The main objective here is not showing resources (cards) I don't have, or are already used. I.E. When I choose Admiral, Ackbar is there to choose, but I dont have MC80 yet. Beieve it or not, sometimes I put some cards in the ships, from a Expansion not acquired yet or already used in another ship. If we have a dabase with the expansion each user have it's easier to enable only the updates available. 2-Save the builds: Sometime I want to change only a few cards from a fleet, and I need to set everything again from start. If the fleet is saved in the user profile we can load it and easely change or send the link for a friend check. Please, your product is great, I'm just suggesting things to make it better from my user experience point o view ! Cheers.
  2. Thanks a lot, this is an important feature to me, computer is not on the same room of the game, so I can export to my phone e-mail and read. To be perfect now, for me, it needs two things only: - Expansion selection/qtt to show only what I have to add; - A way to save the builds for further retrieval; But it's already a great software and my favorite. Cheers !
  3. Dricco

    News of Wave 3????

    I like new waves, really do. It's game refreshing and fun. Although FFG is generating waves too fast. As X-Wing and Armada fan and collector I would like have all the miniatures, but I will not follow 4 or more waves a year for each. So, if we are going to have the same pace of x-wings waves in armada I will probably drop both. That said, I would like to hear about wave 3 in the middle in the end of the first quarter of 2016.
  4. It's very disapointing the gap between those special events where they further waves (wave 2) and que street date. I wouldn't mind a couple of weeks, but almost two months is very anoying. You keep reading people building lists, making analysis and playing and can't follow.
  5. I'm liking it very much, building the fleet looking straightly at the card is much more confortable. If you would allow me, going ask for a couple of features I use a lot: - A library where we can set all the expansion we have, so we can realiably build based on what we have in our hangar; - A Print feature. A heavy version with the cards, buy mainly a clean one to list what we need to setup at the table. Please keep up the good work and thank you very much. Cheers.
  6. Hi guys ! Does anyone knows when wave 2 will hit the stores like MM or CSI ? Cheers...