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  1. One of each, if I want more I'll see if I can get them for Christmas.
  2. cram

    Force Friday

    Yeah not a chance, they'd have 4 ships with the silencer and not to mention splitting the current weakest competitive faction is also a terrible decision.
  3. While I tend to get 2 of everything, there is not enough information out about them yet to make a solid decision.
  4. At least it'll be in the game albeit some sort of amalgamation.
  5. No, though it does have jam tokens.
  6. No its different, though the phantom 2 has co-ordinate and the scum looks to have tokens for jam.
  7. Someone thankfully posted pics on reddit, it has the slam action on the base token and some new action that looks like a missile with 2 arrows circling around it
  8. I'd probably be in the same boat if i had them. Where did you get these?
  9. cram

    Happy Friday

    Nope, opinion hasn't changed, still enjoying the Scurrg, Auzituck is annoying and aggressor is a squishy tlt platform but still need to try it some more.
  10. I already liked Guri with AS, but this looks crazy and fun. Now I only have to wait 'til Christmas. /s
  11. cram

    Happy Friday

    Lately I've been having fun with, Scum Boba with expertise, engine upgrade, Latts Razi, and burnout slam alongside Asajj Ventress with veteran instincts, Dengar, Shadow Caster title, countermeasures, glitterstim, and burnout slam
  12. 2x Imps 2x Scum ?X Rebel (I don't play rebs, that's up to my brother). Though these are subject to change depending on the unspoiled upgrades.
  13. On a random train of thought, after wave 11 each faction might have 16 ships each, not including epic.
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