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  1. Thank you for the helpful input. When finished, I may send photos.
  2. Is it ok to use the paints that I have or is there a problem mixing enamel,lacquer,acrylic?
  3. I bought a 3D blastboat and used Boyd white enamel primer. It dried 3 days. Then I used Testors flat aircraft gray spraycan enamel and let it dry 3 days. Next I used Testors gray enamel brush on for details and let it dry 3 days. I used acrylic black wash and it dried1 day. Finally I used Testors dull coat spray lacquer. It dried 4 hours. I used frog tape to mask off and all the paint started to peel off. What did I do wrong? Thanks for your help.
  4. Small based from the thrawn trilogy. Is the skipray blastboat medium sized? Used for my casual play group. Already have pilot cards made.
  5. 414taylor

    Scimitar bomber

    Is the scimitar bomber considered to be medium sized?
  6. I would be all in for that since I enjoy messing with the rules and causing confusion just to see others sweat. I normally play 4player nightmare chess.
  7. 414taylor

    Blastboat sizw

    Thx all,happy new year.
  8. 414taylor

    Blastboat sizw

    Been to shape ways to buy a blastboat but the different printers have different sizes and they all say their blastboat is 1/270. What is the most accurate size?
  9. Mel’s has 3 cards ready to print for turrets but what is the link for HOTAC? Thank you for the input ideas.
  10. I thought about turret rotation and a mechanic from robo-rally came to mind where the turrets rotate automatically every turn and they are neutral so everybody is fair game. Also, they cannot be destroyed. If anyone wants to make a rule card for others to use that would be appreciated. I can’t because my computer won’t download any programs.
  11. Found the turrets at Mel miniatures.
  12. The shapeways link is under the useful links header then go to custom shapeways. 4 attack in bullseye is great,0 agility is great,how about rotate mechanic(automated turret). I was thinking that they are neutral until somebody activates them. Why not activate for free? Or activate and give the activating ship a weapons disabled token?
  13. Thanks for the input. Any ideas about the programming part?
  14. I saw some space laser turrets on shapeways but can’t remember who made them. I was thinking of using them for casual play but would need directions on how to use them; for example,when do they rotate,range of fire,bullseye and the mechanic that would enable a faction to program them to fire on other factions. Example would be that whoever touches the turret ‘programs’it to ignore that faction and if another factio touches it then the most recent faction takes precedence. Thoughts anyone?
  15. 414taylor

    uglies cards

    Where can I find the cards for 1e?
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