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  1. The ugly. Whatever you do is fine with me,since you are designing the items. No pressure. Thank you in advance.
  2. Would you care to make pilots,dials and ship tiles for an AT-ST y-wing?
  3. While I am parked on an asteroid, are my attacks obstructed? Are my opponents attacks obstructed?
  4. Cards are cool. Can you increase the resolution more as the cards are blurred?
  5. 414taylor


    My faves are m1 tie experimental sand Chiss clawcraft with missile reload
  6. 414taylor


    If you search for ccl in the upper right corner on ‘this forum’, you will find a huge assortment of pilot,upgrade,ship tiles and dials. There are also cross-faction pilots/ships and some cards that are designed for 3D printed ships,munitions,etc. that are super fun for casual play.
  7. 414taylor


    Has anybody thought about starting a new ccl ? Haven’t heard from the masters in awhile: odanan,sf1 raptor,magnus Grendel,interceptor mad. Apologies to others who I cannot remember. I certainly don’t fit into the mentioned category.
  8. Mine is from alien luxury miniatures but doesn’t have the solar panels.
  9. Received 1 for Christmas. Anyone interested in making pilot cards and dial for this?
  10. Yes. I have printed from odanan,darts meanie,sf1raptor and others. I don’t have a computer that will download programs.
  11. Would make the cards for us casual players?
  12. 414taylor

    Wave 4 messy?

    Miniature market/coolstuffinc?
  13. 414taylor

    Wave 4 messy?

    What a shock to hear about the warstore. Didn’t know about this. Sorry for the confusion!
  14. 414taylor

    Wave 4 messy?

    Go to ‘the war store.com. They are on Long Island,New York,u.s.a. They have an international shipping page. I have done business with them for a few years and they have always been polite,and prompt in their replies.
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