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  1. I had to zoom out to 71% to fit them all on my screen and look good. Use whatever zoom you need.
  2. No, because Spend Defense Token step happens after Modify Attack Dice step, so the Attacker can no longer spend dice to block tokens. Accuracies are (usually) worthless if rerolled into because of an Evade.
  3. VWC Game Reporting Form You MUST report your game using the Game Reporting Form
  4. Thank you for cross-posting the PODs. Scoreboard / Find a Friend
  5. Timetable: Fleet Submission - CLOSED Fleet Validation / POD Assignment - 12th Jan POD Phase - Upon Assignment - 3rd Feb @ 0400 GMT I will work on the validation / POD Assignments tomorrow / Tuesday. You can start playing once your POD is announced.
  6. On Tuesday we had 35 unique players sign up, and 47 individual entries. I have not counted the unique players, but we are currently at 114 individual entries. What on earth?!?!?!
  7. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/steel-strategys-un-named-armada-podcast/id1489631967#episodeGuid=steelstrategy.podbean.com%2Fda2aa0f3-e5af-3004-87b7-f75773d06ea0
  8. Today is the last day! Less than 24 hours to go!
  9. You've got through the weekend to get your final fleet submission in!
  10. Preferred Name / Pronouns (Will default to Forum Name if left blank) Rimsen Cael (He/Him) JJs Juggernaut Matt/he Armando Poldi Jesse Angry_Ewok RealVeers Goerrit Gilarius or Ian. Male. Cameron Green Knight or GK Truthiness LazorBeems, he/him OutboundFlight Louis-André Gilarius cadetvw Bertie Wooster (seeing a pattern?) / he / his /him Dread_Lord_Loki CahoonM / Mitch (he/him) GrandMoffOldOwlz Roald Beanicus Scipio83 comatose Ginkapo PT106 Gilarius Paul, he him his LTD Green Knight Roald jp82729 Roquax Kaiser1977 Mike GiledPallaeon Currently registered, assuming I don't have any duplicates.
  11. Just a little over a week remains.
  12. People who have already submitted a list: LTD Rimsen Cael JJs Juggernaut FoxOmega44 Veleno111 PoldiColonia alex02144 Angry_Ewok RealVeers Goerrit Gilarius Louis-André Cameron Green Knight Truthiness LazorBeems OutboundFlight Louis-André Gilarius cadetVW Bertie Wooster Matthijs Matthijs Matthijs CahoonM GrandMofffVacher
  13. Not much longer until it is start time! Amazing how quickly time flies. Better get your fleet lists in!
  14. We are coming up quickly on world cup time. Don't hesitate to get a list turned in!
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