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  1. https://www.podbean.com/ea/pb-gppry-dd4b55 We've been slacking.
  2. Still not what I was looking for, just a reminder that Megas XLR was great.
  3. I was hoping to find a clip from Megas XLR where Coop says "Hey, nobody blows up Jersey... but... me?" and then say that only I'm allowed to insult you jerks. ... but I couldn't find it. So let's just pretend I did and have a good laugh about it?
  4. My tribe are the other members of the Armada community that you attacked. See my previous posts. Get out.
  5. All credit where credit is due. If people want to think HE did it, then by all means.
  6. All on page 1. I guess we're just not inclusive enough to tolerate people namecalling and insulting others because they disagree with them. Oh well. It must be hard to think of yourself as the smartest person in the room when no one wants to be in the room with with you. You go to direct, BOLD insults on page 2. No one has insulted you yet, merely disagreed with your obvious superior intellect. How DARE they? It is only after your directed BOLD insults that someone calls you a troll. Go away. We're not including you because you suck, and can't argue in good faith without insulting other people's intelligence. And as it turns out, we don't have to.
  7. You know what, I'll go ahead and say it: David Filoni said in the making of the Mandalorian that Star Wars is about Family. Anakin needing a father figure, and a mother and having both denied to him. Luke trying to be like who he imagined his father to be, and not giving up on who his father is. Rey, rejecting her biological family, in order to save the family she wished she was a part of. Among many, many other family themes too numerous to mention here. Solo finally gives us what The Last Jedi was potentially setting up (before Ray's parentage actual reveal in RoS). A person without a family. No longer an illegitimate son of a well-to-do Corellian family, Han is now truly nobody. His "family" name is given because he has no family at all. The movie is about him building up to finally having a family of his own, not from Qira - his childhood sweatheart, who has found her own family in organized crime. Not from Beckett his "father figure" who he realizes doesn't care for him in the least. It sets him up to embrace the Solo name, until he has a chance to find and make a family of his own. It also deepens the tragedy of his death in The Force Awakens. This is a man who hasn't had a father figure to look up to, ever. He has no idea how to connect with his son. In one defining moment, he puts everything he has into the hands of his son, and like his "father figure" Beckett, is betrayed. Bringing him back in RoS, with no recrimination, no hatred for his boy. Just a push for him to make a new future - that is the ending that Han deserved. A movie about a man without family, who will one day redeem the family he made.
  8. The best part of Solo is that Lando didn't need character development. Save that for Solo 2, I guess.
  9. Since we are celebrating 40 years of Empire Strikes Back, let's take a minute as well to appreciate the backstory to what set up Han as the "roll into a banquet, see Darth Vader, and shoot him immediately without thinking" rogue that we all know and love. That being, Solo, A Star Wars Story. This is the Solo Appreciation Station, a place where we can discuss what ships / squadrons we would like to see included in the game. Where we can discuss the cool things we got to see in that movie. And where we can talk about how underappreciated the movie actually was, after the perhaps overdone reaction to of The Last Jedi. To start, Han shooting Beck first at the end, giving us actual character building in a prequel where we knew what the basic outcome had to be in advance (Han and Chewie are okay, and wind up with the Falcon) was probably part. Going from a cocky idealist to a streetwise rogue, where we can see how he will eventually have his heart of gold melted by a beautiful princess years in the future.
  10. 3&4 basically dropped at the same time. They started out as one wave, Wave #3, then the non-flotilla got delayed, so rather than push the entire Wave back FFG announced Wave 3 would be the flotillas, and Wave 4 would be the not-flotillas. Then **something happens** and they basically both drop on the same day anyway. According to the Wiki Wave 4 actually dropped a week before Wave 3, but... uh... that's not how I remembered it. CC dropped the same day as Wave 5, less than half a year after Wave 3+4. It was chaos. Fortunately it was while I was sick, so I had the chance to study/write about it all. Imagine 2 new ships, but 32 new squadrons (24 of them unique), and 12 new objectives all at once. It was a crazy time.
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