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  1. BiggsIRL

    2018 VASSAL Autumn Tourney - Round 1 Fight!

    **ANNOUCEMENT** Top 4 from this tournament get an automatic entry into the 2019 World Cup. http://www.steelstrategy.com/p/qualified-players-for-2019-world-cup.html You can't get that many automatic bids from anything short of the World Cup itself!
  2. BiggsIRL

    Arquitens Rant

    I was very salty about this.
  3. BiggsIRL

    Arquitens Rant

    My ride to breakfast literally left for breakfast without me. I sat in the lobby for 30 minutes waiting for him to come downstairs before he texted "where are you?" I dunno. At the hotel without a vehicle maybe, seeing as you are my only ride?
  4. BiggsIRL


    But more importantly Natuonal Championship is back in the hands of the USA
  5. BiggsIRL


    As a fellow Steel Strategy writer, I feel like this is all our victory.
  6. BiggsIRL

    Task group Strange

    Garm isn't jank though?
  7. Shhh. Don't tell them why I started forum games in offtopic to boost our visibility.
  8. BiggsIRL

    Happy Friday ;-)

    Clone Wars.
  9. BiggsIRL

    Why Start A New Thread - Steel Command August

    http://www.steelstrategy.com/2018/08/ranking-commanders-by-command-cards.html Because let's get a discussion going.
  10. BiggsIRL

    1 Million View Strong - Steel Strategy August

    Been a bit since I've updated a Commander's Guide: http://www.steelstrategy.com/2018/08/revised-commanders-guide-raider-class.html Have the Raider.
  11. BiggsIRL

    Executor arrives

    Someone CSI that Admiral Piett.
  12. BiggsIRL

    Executor arrives

    via Imgflip Meme Generator
  13. BiggsIRL

    Executor arrives

    There's a front page?
  14. BiggsIRL

    Executor arrives

    ... where did you find that? That is not the splash pic I see in the article.
  15. BiggsIRL

    Executor arrives

    Related: Note that front arc in the splash pic. It's not the same as either prototype.