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  1. Unfortunately I have overstayed my welcome with the Mandolorians and MUST leave. Would "C" work better?
  2. 36 points worth of ship and nothing else. Toronto it is!
  3. @FortyInRed We bid your people welcome! We will be passing through what we believe is your territory - Planet "C" - on a scouting and diplomatic mission towards Ava F'Tarq. Although we are not neighbors, we'd like to take the opportunity to get to know more about your people. Know that we come bearing you no harm - our ship though armed to defend itself is alone and not a threat to your planet or your ground forces. Please let us know if you will allow this mission to proceed. If necessary, we can divert to Planet "T" which I also believe is claimed by your people. If this broadcast reaches someone else who claims either of these planets, our apologies! The same offer applies to you - let's take a moment to get to know one another. Commander Randal - "Hazard"
  4. The amusing thing is I think if I tried that line on my girlfriend, she'd laugh. Same with my ex-wife. Maybe not my other ex-wife though.
  5. Sourcing out some final analyses on mhd vs NebulonB. Expect it to post later today / early tomorrow.
  6. http://www.steelstrategy.com/2019/02/semi-finals-matchup-clontroper5-vs.html
  7. I would be interested in seeing Hurrikane and perhaps even your core worlds in person some day if you are ever more amenable, but alas, I have more pressing issues to attend personally at this time. Commander Randal of the Hazard will have to be my ill fitting substitute, and my representative for this mission. I intend from him to scout in the direction of Ava F'Tarq, though I can personally vouch that the Commander and his crew are known for having a voracious appetite. May he do us both proud at the feast.
  8. @The Jabbawookie My good friends: I am sending a small scouting vessel through Planet "H" which has been designated your territory by the Crown-Prince himself. It is to arrive, spend no more than a galactic standard "turn" there, and leave. I thought it would be prudent to provide you at this time with a small gift on his majesty's behalf, a token of the Crown-Prince's acknowledgement of your good stewardship. (2 credits, to be presented after arrival, assuming my ship remains intact.) Until we can meet in person. Governor-General Tron'di
  9. A bit of an announcement long overdue... Governmental Ghosts of GNIPia have been given the right to govern the territories of D, I, and W. So proclaims the Crown-Prince!
  10. In due time, my fellow co-belligerant. In due time. Know that when you do, if you promise to do so to secure the Crown-Prince to the throne, that I - Governor-General Tron'di - will stand with you.
  11. BiggsIRL

    Vassal World Cup Results

    An amusing note: The only player now that could possibly win the whole thing without having played against a single Raddus... is themselves a Raddus.
  12. BiggsIRL

    Vassal World Cup Results

    @clontroper5, @Aresius, @mhd, @NebulonB please PM me your physical locations. (City, Country) Also PM me your best finishes in major non-Vassal events. It's time to throw some coal into the boiler of the hype train.
  13. Governor-General Tron'di is willing to work with anyone, provided they acknowledge the legitimacy of the Crown-Prince. In that we will see our interests allign.
  14. Agreed. There is no need for us to fight. Remind me of the territory you claim, and I will have the Crown-Prince officially grant you permission to govern there in his name.