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  1. On 6/21/2018 at 11:50 AM, Vorzakk said:

    They don't react very well to people who succeed in coercing them either.  This is something which I firmly pointed out to a new player just recently when she was trying to decide what skill she wanted to tie her Smooth Talker talent to.  Sometimes it's the best choice and sometimes it's the only choice, but using Coercion is always going to leave you with a new enemy.  

    I don’t think it should always leave you with a new enemy. You can make a subtle threat that is not aimed directly at them but just demonstrates how dangerous you could be.

  2. Hi all,

    I currently run a Star Wars EOTE game and a D&D 5e game but would love to find a Star Wars game that I could play in. I tend to always be the GM or DM when the groups meet so it would be nice to get a chance to play occasionally. I own all the books so I can adapt to any game that's available. Of all the games I've played, and I've played a lot, I love the Star Wars system of narrative play the most. If you have an open spot for a player, let me know!


  3. I live in San Jose and game everywhere in the Bay Area. I run an Edge of the Empire game on Fridays in Palo Alto, play in a D&D 4E on alternating Saturday's in San Jose and run a D&D 5E game on alternating Sunday's at Game Kastle. I always see a group playing Star Wars on Sunday's when I'm running 5E and I want to play in a Star Wars game so bad. My only chance to actually play in a Star Wars game was at the Dundracon Megagame where I met Oggdude and some other people from this forum.

    If anyone is planning on or already running a Star Wars game and needs an extra player, I would love to get a chance to play. I'm almost always the GM in most games so I welcome any chance to play.


  4. For me it's more like a storyboard shot. Like a quick still picture of a scene.

    I understand the goal, but it seems to me that the field of view would be a fundamental problem. When you’re looking at a piece of paper or a grid mat, you can take in the whole scene in a glance. It’s much harder to do that with 3D graphics, especially if they’re trying to make it look like POV.Roll20 is online/electronic, but it’s still much more like a piece of paper with the overview perspective.IMO, the overview is critical.

    With the Virtual Tabletop you can manipulate the map with your fingers in any way you want and even turn it flat so that everything looks like a piece of paper. I just put it at that angle because I thought the shot looked cooler :)

  5. Whoa! I never even considered getting an ungridded star map and making ship tokens/pawns! That's an awesome idea!

    Miniatures and maps might not improve the play experience for everyone but I believe that a star map and ship pawns would add to the excitement and tension. A GM telling you a capital ship, a few dreadnoughts and several TIE fighters bear down on you probably isn't as menacing as seeing a gigantic capital ship token and dreadnoughts dwarfing your freighter on a star map hehe. I would actually love seeing the visual of the ship battle. Not tactically but just the initial presentation when the encounter starts.

  6. I like roll20 for a lot of the tracking and stuff. When you have to have popups or minis, maybe Imperial assault would fit you more?


    This game is definitely more about the Role Playing and less "what does my little figure do".

    I think you misunderstood what I said earlier. I actually like the narrative and cinematic play. There are just times where some kind of visualization would help initially for everyone to get their bearings. For instance, we were at an Imperial military station and we're trying to hijack a Lambda shuttle to get off world. When we entered the room, the GM told us that the gate opened and two Sith warriors stepped out. Then three sith trainees and 5 imperial soldiers entered the room. We knew their ranges but we didn't know where they were relative to everything else in the hangar. So when two of the party members tried to force jump into the Lambda shuttle, they were surprised when the GM said the couldn't because the two Sith warriors had just exited from the shuttle. Half of us thought that the GM meant the Sith warriors came through the some other gates and not the actual shuttle doors. So everyone had to recon everything one round because they had all taken actions and made decisions with the assumption that the shuttle was sitting there with doors open.

    It would have helped to have the initial reference of what the area looked like and where the doors were and where everyone was. It could easily be done with a quick sketch with X's and O's but the Virtual Tabletop is a lot nicer. I wouldn't want to track position or movement like D&D because that would make it hard to use advantage and triumphs to do cool things.

  7. Played my first Star Wars game this past weekend and really loved the game and the narrative play. Coming from a D&D background, I've been accustomed to tactical play with miniatures but it was really refreshing to play the cinematic SW style. One thing I did notice though was it was really hard to keep track of where everyone and enemies were and who's fighting who.

    Then I remembered this morning that I had this awesome app called 3D Virtual Tabletop that is perfect for a quick reference to show everyone where they're at in the scene. I grabbed a map of Jabba's place on google, grab a few images to match the pregens we played with, grabbed some of the usual suspects at Jabba's joint and voila! So sick! Love this app!



  8. Being new to this game and excited to experience more of it, this thread makes me a little sad. There is so much awesome in this game besides combat that someone munchkining their character to break the game is just a travesty. But, even though it makes me a little sad, it does provide a lot of insight for me when I do, one day, GM my own games. I've GMed other games before and I've always tried to curtail this at the beginning by letting the players know that it's not going to be a combat focused only game and that they should be able to contribute in other areas of the game.

    In regards to comments by a previous poster, I agree that non-combatants should be non-combatants and that they shouldn't be required train in defense or have access to some defensive pool that doesn't make sense for their character in-game. If you are a technician, why is it that you just happen to have balanced defense that makes you even near comparable to the combat veteran that's spent years bleeding on battlefields? If you're a technician and you want to contribute, you should stay clear of the hotspots in battle or do something outside the battle that can contribute. Like effect the environment or whatnot. In Firefly, Kaylee rarely ever gets into combat. I can think of only a couple times she actually grabs a gun to try and fight. If your a non-combatant and you have the ungodly bad luck of being a target of a super sniper assassin...uhm...you should be dead. The bigger problem is why is the technician being targeted at all and why is he/she even in combat to be targeted to begin with. It would be the same as allowing the combat munchkin to lead the delicate peace treaty negotiation with no ability in social skills. It shouldn't happen.

    Lastly, in regards to high level play and the maxed out skills that causes some of these balance problems, perhaps there should be some roleplay aspect/great efforts/expenditures/downtime to get to the highest levels of a skill. From what I gather, a skill level of 3 is superior, 4 is elite and 5 is mastery and very few attain this level. I would think to attain this level it would be very difficult to find training or a master, perhaps costly and should take an extreme amount of downtime to attain. Perhaps it should take a significant amount of time and money to locate the resources or training to get there. Maybe a GM allows a player to spend the points but it has to be roleplayed out and require a few sessions before the skill points are attained. Perhaps varying degrees of this occurs at the higher levels of skill training. It's worth it but if it takes a lot to acquire it, perhaps players will put off trying for it right away to spend their points elsewhere for more immediate satisfaction/impact which would help round out their characters more. Maybe going from skill levels 3 to 4 and 4 to 5 should be a bigger deal. I don't know. If I ever ran a game, I might take that approach. Players can spend their points wherever they want, it'll just take longer I realize the benefit.

    Anyhow, enough of my rambling. I am very interested in this thread having read all 6 pages already so big thanks to everyone for the insights!

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