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  1. I use the 3D Virtual Tabletop app which lets me create maps and tokens from images that I can use to give my players a quick look at the environment and positions.
  2. Your terrain work for Baas Rattan and the scenes with the grated floors are really impressive.
  3. Here’s my Zeltron Performer sporting his 8-string Quetarra.
  4. Hi all, I currently run a Star Wars EOTE game and a D&D 5e game but would love to find a Star Wars game that I could play in. I tend to always be the GM or DM when the groups meet so it would be nice to get a chance to play occasionally. I own all the books so I can adapt to any game that's available. Of all the games I've played, and I've played a lot, I love the Star Wars system of narrative play the most. If you have an open spot for a player, let me know! Paul
  5. Geeknamese

    SF Bay Area

    I live in San Jose and game everywhere in the Bay Area. I run an Edge of the Empire game on Fridays in Palo Alto, play in a D&D 4E on alternating Saturday's in San Jose and run a D&D 5E game on alternating Sunday's at Game Kastle. I always see a group playing Star Wars on Sunday's when I'm running 5E and I want to play in a Star Wars game so bad. My only chance to actually play in a Star Wars game was at the Dundracon Megagame where I met Oggdude and some other people from this forum. If anyone is planning on or already running a Star Wars game and needs an extra player, I would love to get a chance to play. I'm almost always the GM in most games so I welcome any chance to play. Paul
  6. Hey Ogg, Probably not going to make the game at 5pm.
  7. Will be in the open gaming area a 5pm to find you.
  8. Hey Ocule, My buddy and I are interested in this game. He's completely new to the game and I've played a one shot before of a module someone was preparing for this con. Where are you going to be running?
  9. Get Oggdude, where are you running your game?
  10. Geeknamese

    3D Virtual Tabletop

    Flat like paper...only bettah! http://i135.photobucket.com/albums/q156/Morawk/C8174A10-9104-4751-BC5B-6DB1E9A58C6D.png
  11. Geeknamese

    3D Virtual Tabletop

    I understand the goal, but it seems to me that the field of view would be a fundamental problem. When you’re looking at a piece of paper or a grid mat, you can take in the whole scene in a glance. It’s much harder to do that with 3D graphics, especially if they’re trying to make it look like POV.Roll20 is online/electronic, but it’s still much more like a piece of paper with the overview perspective.IMO, the overview is critical. With the Virtual Tabletop you can manipulate the map with your fingers in any way you want and even turn it flat so that everything looks like a piece of paper. I just put it at that angle because I thought the shot looked cooler
  12. Geeknamese

    3D Virtual Tabletop

    For me it's more like a storyboard shot. Like a quick still picture of a scene.
  13. Geeknamese

    3D Virtual Tabletop

    Yeah, I would just use it to set the stage so everyone can see the room and see the relative positions of every participant. I might remove enemies as they are killed so players can keep track of enemies but that would be as much fiddling as I would do.