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  1. 1 - if an investigator with one health left draw the curse of yig encounter card is he instantaneously killed? 2 - if an investigator draws two curse of yig cards they stack? (-2 health??) Thanks
  2. Hey guys, i am not able to import any dataset cause when i click import it gives me an error, only me with this error?
  3. Thanks OggDude That's the most ridiculously overpowered it can get i think, but hey that's Vader we taking about
  4. Sry about the broken link : try this one https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6tynfORB-lATWs2UkluSDUtZHM/view?usp=sharing
  5. Hi OggDude Great Update and thanks for the service again. but before and after the update i am having an issue: I created a character with a lot of points and it has this attributes: 7-3-4-4-5-5 But when i look at him in the adversary list it show only 5-3-3-3-3-3 the same on the printed statsblock.... Dont know what is happening... This is the character export file: (Vader's file) https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6tynfORB-lATWs2UkluSDUtZHM Thanks again.
  6. I am using your program while running the game, and it's almost perfect for it (besides the thing i have pointed), just to inform But i think that this changes may help anyone that uses the program (while running the game or not): -A new search filter in some areas will be great, like the equipment and inventory area, sometimes is hard to find somethings even with the current filter options -The Stats boxes are the ones that show informations when you are listing thing on grid like adversaries, in some cases they are to small, so i tougth that adding an option to resize then will be great Of course this are just suggestions ^^ Thanks for the program again.
  7. My post only show up now so i am just bring it up, sry
  8. Hi guys One of my players is asking me if is possible to use the Hunter's Quarry talent effect more then once in the same target, initialy i said no, because it states that allies gain one upgrade attacking the creature, but i am not sure now... So... may the same source provide the same bonus twice or more if the player is able to use it many time in a row? (in this case and in general...)
  9. After SW Rebels i would say that Darth Vader is equivalent at least to a 3k xp character.
  10. Hi OggDude, First of all, congratulations for the great work, the your program is great. I been using the program these days to organize my campaign, and help me in my sessions and i have some suggetions. -I tried to create the sheet of the "Vader" adversary (with too many things i guess..) and when i try to print it as an encounter, the program runs out of memory, if i use de "stat block" the saved result is almost a upward line image (something like 743x6466) , so i guess if you could create new layouts for the stats block (or maybe some editor for layouts), and an option to print only the adversary and nothing else with some layout options. -Another thing that i notice is that may help users is the option to increase the little boxes with the statistics under the grids because even when you maximize the program they stay the same size, maybe adding some area divisors to let the user decide the size of objects will be a great option. -Maybe an option to open statistics on another screen (not jamming the main application), that may come in handy when in the middle of a session. -Some lists does not have search boxes, like the inventory, that will be really usefull. -The group editor can be easily be transformed in to a powerfull session tool if we are able to see caracter sheets and other informations in it, and with it not locking the main application, so we can see character, adversaries and things like that. I am a programmer my self (.Net included) so if you needing any help i be glad to give a hand. Thanks keep up the great work
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