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  1. This is exactly what I was thinking about. In a straight joust it's not so easy to boost around a big base if you get close enough. And with expertse and RACs ability Fenn should do nothing. I'm not afraid of one TLT salvo on Ryad with Palp focus and evade. But after the initial round of firing it could get tricky. RAC will be at long range due to no K-turn and Ryad can't ignore 4 TLT shots.
  2. Has anyone tried the matchup? I'm thinking of running this list at my next regional. New Squadron (46) Rear Admiral Chiraneau (1) Veteran Instincts (8) Emperor Palpatine (3) Kylo Ren (2) Dauntless (4) Engine Upgrade Total: 64 points (34) Countess Ryad (4) Expertise (-2) TIE/x7 Total: 36 points List total: 100 points How good of a chance do I have against the standard Ghost + Fenn list? And what tactic should I use? In my headsim I go all out for the Ghost. Preferably R1 engagement and blind him. Don't let him shoot for two turns if possible.
  3. Thanks! I've already watched the Swiss games without comentary. But I might watch them again. I only wich I could fly Kylo that good.
  4. Hi all. I'm looking for recorded games with Kylo Ren flying with two gunboats. Interested in any game you can find. Links are helpful ?. Thanks.
  5. What wingman/wingmen did you think where best? And was it PTL adv. Sensors Kylo? I'm thinking of running him with two ps4 gunboats with deadeye, chips and harpoons. Or LRS and crack shot.
  6. Rear Admiral Chiraneau in the VT49 Decimator with Kylo Ren crew.
  7. As the title says. I would like to see some videos with Rear Admiral Chiraneu equipped with Kylo Ren and emperor Palpatine together with Quickdraw.
  8. Palp is almost fine. It should read before rolling or re-rolling. That way it gets a bit better on offence if you have a TL or some other way to re-roll red dice. But it will be the same, except for lonewolf defensively.
  9. Why can't I find you guys on podbean? Can't get enough of X-wing podcasts but I'd like to keep them all in one app.
  10. I did that for a couple of games. Took twin Ions on Vessery and a 1pt bid. It was solid, but I prefer crack shot. The SFs will die because they're not especially defensive. So I found that the best defence is a good offence. Nuke the opponent with consentrated fire before he can kill you.
  11. Why elusiveness? You can Only use it once per turn unless you baffle the stress and then it's kinda pointless. And wouldn't lightweight frame be better than a shield uppgrade. Sure, a shield uppgrade is a guaranteed HP but LWF Will most likely save at least one HP for 2pts less.
  12. I totally agree. But the OP wanted Dash + Rey. You could skip the title on Dash and run HLC instead of Mangler and put on Lone Wolf. But.... Meh..
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