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  1. "No ship that small has a cloaking device!" Nice work! And are those RoTJ-blue TIEs that I see?
  2. The Raider-class Corvette was originally created by FFG for an Imperial counterpart to the CR90 for X-Wing, as the Empire didn't have a preexisting warship that fit the bill. Porting it over to Armada is only natural...though I'm a little surprised they're giving it missiles, as it doesn't have any in X-Wing.
  3. I hear that they're supposed to be 'On The Boat.'
  4. The figures that I've seen quoted most often: Imperial-I-class Star Destroyer: 6x Dual Heavy Turbolaser turrets, 2x Dual Heavy Ion Cannon turrets (3+1 on either side of the superstructure), and an additional 60 turbolasers and 60 ion cannons. Imperial-II-class Star Destoyer: 8x Octuple Turbolaser Barbettes (replacing the main turret battery), 50 heavy turbolasers, 50 turbolasers, 20 heavy ion cannons. Both classes featured 10 tractor beam projectors, and the Imperial-II sported heavier armor and shielding. Honestly, I could see the 3R/2Bu/3Bk armament for the Imperial-II, but it doesn't make much sense for the Imperial-I (which had more ion cannons than Victory destroyers had guns.) Also, Imperial-class Star Destroyers have plenty of anti-fighter weaponry. It's called a full wing of TIEs. WWII showed that a CAP is a far more effective anti-fighter defense than any number of AA guns.
  5. *cringes at the mention of the Executor, and what it means for where this thread is going to go* If we get a utility/support ship, my money is on it being the Immobilizer-418. Here are my predictions/guesses for ships we'll see in the next wave or two: Immobilizer-418 Strike-class Cruiser Ton-Falk-class Escort Carrier DP-20 Corellian Gunship Liberty-class MC80 Star Cruiser Unfortunately, the Rebellion runs out of ships pretty quickly unless they start pulling from the prequels (unlikely) or New Republic-era ships (as with later waves of X-Wing). Finally, I don't think we'll get the Executor-class Star Destroyer, but if we do, I wouldn't be surprised to also get a Viscount-class Star Defender along with it.
  6. A is for Assault Missiles A versatile weapon Ready to thrill Catch a formation And watch it kill.
  7. Nice work! I'm loving the...well, everything! Any close-ups of the other snubfighters? And are you planning on getting a second AF MkII to be the Gallant Haven? After all, you'll want to keep those beautiful fighters on the table as long as you can...
  8. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/XI7_turbolaser Unfortunately, Wookieepedia and FFG use sans serif fonts, so it can be difficult to tell the difference between [ex-eye-seven] and [ex-one-seven] or [ex-seventeen]. However, look at the title of the page in your browser's address bar. Compare it to other instances of 'I's and '1's on Wookieepedia. Copy/paste the title into Word, and change it to a serif font so you can clearly see that it is a capital 'I'. They are XI7 turbolasers, not X17. Carry on.
  9. I prefer Dropzone Commander for that title. Armada is a close second.
  10. Capital ships? To me, it seems like TIE Interceptors are nasty enough (especially with Howlrunner) that I wouldn't want to tangle with them fighter-on-fighter.
  11. It's like Luke, but better and works with Outrider/missiles/etc. Might be balanced if it had an appropriate points cost (I notice the author left that part blank).
  12. Victory-class Star Destroyers are Clone Wars-era tech, and they seem to be pretty good.
  13. Recall that both the RZ-1 and the A/SF-01 are pretty advanced pieces of military tech, tech that the Alliance didn't have much production capability for until later in the movement - and I figure that with the Alliance's limited resources, they would focus more on building more jack-of-all-trades X-Wings rather than specialist starfighters. I can completely understand having a handful of each in outlying Rebel cells, yet never seeing them until the main battle at Endor - as the old saying goes, 'don't keep all your eggs in one basket'. If the Death Star had blown Yavin IV apart, and all of the Alliance's resources were there, then that would be the death of the movement - a lot of the Alliance's higher-ups were former members of the Republic, and I'm sure they remember how difficult it was to pin down and destroy a separatist movement that was spread out across the galaxy. Also, having one cell use A-Wings, another use X-Wings, a third use B-Wings, and some with Headhunters and Y-Wings can help generate the illusion that they are separate, unaffiliated groups.
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