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  1. I'd want to get Rebel Beef (Wedge, Braylen, Ten, Cassian [Leia]) back on the table, with room for new B-wing s-foils, and all the goodies.
  2. The old Rogue Squadron: Wes, Tycho, and Hobbie. Along with Tycho, a high Initiative RZ-1 pilot if Tycho doesn't come in at i5. The rest of Gold squadron: Pops, and Tiree. Scariff Blue Squadron pilots for the X-wing, at least Merrick and Barion. If Maarek Stele is sticking around, let's see Keyan Farlander brought back. Y-wing, B-wing, X-wing, A-wing, whatever. More pilots (let's see Ciena Ree!), and some kind of modification to make TIE interceptors not so "poppable". Or a points reduction? Love Soontir, but fielding generics doesn't feel great. I'm probably just a really poor TIE/in pilot though.
  3. After spending pretty much all of 1.0 doing nothing but exploding as soon as anything stared at him, I'm glad to have Wedge on the table, and not only that, but seeing him in a dominant meta list in a fighter that has had some much needed improvements. Everyone's clamoring for his cost to go up, but I hope they leave him right where the **** he is so he doesn't vanish again. They already nerfed his sweet sweet torpedoes. Any of the X-wing pilots really, and the U-wings as well. I love that medium base, the change to its pivot wing mechanics, and the pilot abilities. Now I just hope and dream that the TIE Interceptor sees some love, although Soontir is fun and I put him in all my Imperial lists.
  4. Here to add my grains of salt to the B-wing pile. No new pilots? New cannon and torpedo being released in the same wave, but NOT in the B-wing expansion? The new resculpt and articulation is great to have, but come on, FFG. I'm hoping against all odds that this isn't the entirety of the expansion's contents. Not losing my head over this, but a bit disappointed.
  5. A couple of issues I've run into: 1) X-wings (Wedge Antilles in the last game I played) with closed S-foils not showing Focus into Red Boost as an option. 2) Targets at Range 3 in arc not being classified as legal targets. 3) TIE fighter taking a shot at a ship at Range 0. 4) Need the ability to set red dial options with a stress token. This isn't allowing to set a move when planning to us Leia Organa the next turn to make red moves white. Thank you for continuing to put out awesome work! Fly Casual is a ton of fun!
  6. Looks a lot like Luftrausers, which is an awesome game, definitely giving Jet Lancer a go, and also, holy ****, how did I not even think to throw Afterburners on Wedge after the point reduction?! This thread has made my day in more ways than one.
  7. Thank you. This is better than the people updating with "This thing is now these many points" without any reference for what the previous cost was, thus just being annoying and redundant information.
  8. When using Swarm Tactics on multiple ships, it asks to resolve as Swarm Tactics #1, Swarm Tactics #2, etc.. Would it be possible to list the pilot names? Am I missing an obvious numbering system for ships? Also, when setting dials, when the activation phase starts, the maneuver indicator shows as blank for all my ships.
  9. This is a nit-pick, but Farns Monsbee should probably be Barion Raner, as he wrote the book on X-wing flight basics, and that ability sounds right up his alley. Provided the idea that he should only affect fellow T-65 pilots carries through to the final card design.
  10. Just fired up a game, pre-activation focused Edrio via Benthic, focus - red boosted, when I went to open the s-foils the game hit an error.
  11. Would definitely also recommend a second core set. It's incredible bang for your buck for the reasons already mentioned. If you're not picking up the standalone X-wing or TIE Fighter ship expansions, I'd recommend proxying some of the pilots from those (I'm a bit partial to Wedge Antilles myself...) and the Saw's Renegades expansion. Lots of fun options for X-wings there with the Servomotor S-Foils card!
  12. I think something along those lines for a ship ability could be interesting. Integrated Tractor Beam Before you activate, select one ship at range 1 in your forward firing arc and assign it a tractor token. If it ends up in your bullseye arc, assign a lock token to it. Not sure how best to word that second part, but this might be too powerful just assigning the lock? Either way, I'd love to see a TIE Avenger in-game, with a 3/3/2/2 statline. Not sure about the dial, but something akin to the A-wing dial, with 2 Segnor's loops instead? Focus/Evade/Lock/Boost, Boost into focus.
  13. Read your labels, folks. Also, has anybody had any success with spraying fixative on them? Does that thicken them up enough to stay in the base slots?
  14. This is great! I hope you figure out a visually pleasing solution to your "fat" card builds.
  15. For those with loose S-foils, there's a fairly easy fix to make the hinge "stickier" so they're not flopping all over the place, or closing shut when you set the ship down after a move. Take a dropper, put some Pledge Floor Care Finish in it, and then squeeze a drop or two in between the wings to the S-foil hinge, move them around to make sure it gets into the gaps, then let it cure for 24 hours. It should make them not-floppy. I've done it to two of my 2.0 X-wings and it worked like a dream. Attempt at your own risk, I over did it with the first X-wing, and it almost fused the S-foils shut, but I got them apart with a little effort and now they're great. I learned about this method from folks that collect action figures and wind up with loose joints on their figures.
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