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  1. I just ran an Intrigue last night, which ended rather abruptly. All of my players wanted to discuss their arguments, and when one of them really got into it and made a very good option, everyone else ended up choosing to use their arguments in support, basically choosing the Assist action, with the principle player using the Persuade action. So, I had a player using their 3 Fire and 2 Courtesy to Persuade. They had four other players offering Support, two with the Persuade skill and two without. That meant two extra Ring dice and two extra Skill dice. Then the player spent a Void Point, for yet another Skill die. That made this a roll with 5 Ring dice and 5 Skill dice. With their Fire 3, 4 other players offering Assistance, and 1 Void Point spent, they were able to keep 8 (!) of those dice. One was an exploding success, which rolled an extra success, so in the end, the player ended up getting 5 successes and 4 opportunities. Since the goal was to subtly mock and undercut an opposing NPC, those four successes were spent to cause the NPC to suffer 8 Strife, pushing them over their Composure limit, but that was only an aside to the real Objective: revealing the flaws in the opponent's position. I really feel that the rules for Assistance are overly generous. With five people working together against one NPC, they should definitely have been coming in with an advantage, but this was over the top. Previous editions only allowed one extra kept die, no matter how many people offering Assistance, for precisely this reason, and I would suggest that rule to curtail some of the insanity. My player would have still had the same dice to roll, and would have been able to keep five of them, which would have been plenty to achieve their goal, but would have had to choose between getting massive amounts of extra successes or having a lot of Opportunities, which would have forced an interesting decision on them. I realize that I could just use a house rule, but I am trying to test out the beta rules as written. What do people think? Has anyone else had a similar experience with this mechanic?
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