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  1. rag1n

    Faq ''leak''

    Not having to constantly reference FAQ's for card clarifications was part of what brought me in to X-Wing. Not saying that I'm going to move to another game over this sort of thing but if the developers of this game want to keep new players coming in there's going to need to be some sort of release of errata'd cards. As far as the nerfs themselves go, I am still in mourning over the death of the party bus. \m/
  2. This used to be one huge hurdle for newer Vassalers to overcome! What an amazing update! Well done!
  3. i'm inclined to think that it'd make a very good doom shuttle. really interested to see how people make this ship work!
  4. gonna give it a miss this time. thanks for all your efforts. I really enjoyed my experience throughout the whole thing and met a lot of cool people
  5. snap shot. more dice. more dice! Throw some threats at your opponent that they won't want to ignore and let Pure Sabacc go to town
  6. Sounds like you'd have more fun going to a casual night of x-wing instead of a tournament. Fun isn't the only factor in a tournament. You can't blame people for wanting to perform well in tournaments.
  7. Nowhere in Melbourne, Australia. Seems the shipment from FFG is late. gg aus gets screwewd again!
  8. Being from Australia it's great to sit back with a beer in one hand and a bunch of Bunnings sausage sizzle snags in the other watching people bicker over who's getting what. Especially when these people are getting more than zero.
  9. I've thoroughly enjoyed my experience so far in the Vassal League. I've managed to rake up 2 division wins and am currently sitting in the Inner Rim. See you in the deep core soon!
  10. I love malaysia. Wish I could get there with a few other Australians
  11. I'm glad I only ever bought one (because it was the only ship I didn't own at the time). I think I've flown it.. 0 times! record!
  12. This card is not a bomb The header on the rigged cargo chute is ACTION , thus you will need advanced sensors to drop it before you move!
  13. Is this the thread to follow in order to keep in touch with when the matches are scheduled?
  14. The David Side, being a fellow Lothal Runnner, has to have my vote. I believe in you, Dave!
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