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  1. That's exactly my thought. I'd give blast doors an armour rating of 1 and a hull trauma of about 5 or 6, so without piercing or breach you had to deal 20 damage to the door to even scratch it. Those things are designed to keep stuff like angry wookies with axes out.
  2. I really like that ring-theory stuff. I guess I never had as much faith in Georges abilities like some of the fanboys and -girls out there and because of that - and the fact that I don't hate the Prequels - I never really lost all of my faith in him because of the Prequels, this theory implies that he's a much better storyteller than I thought. Well, anyway, just for the hell of it, I'll add my own movie ranking list. 1. Episode V Because in my opinion this movie is the only one WITHOUT a mayor drawback. The only really annoying thing about it is the generel presence of 3PO. 2. Episode II, III and VI Those are all overall really good stories imo. I really like that investigation Kenobi does and the Geonosis battle, I even don't hate Yodas fight in Ep II. So if we'd never have seen that awkward wannabe romance on Naboo with brilliant dialogues like 'I hate sand', I might have ranked Ep II as my number one. Ep III has General Grievous, who to me is just a cheap immitation of future Darth Vader (who I don't even really like) with and just seems to be there to occupy Kenobi, while Skywalker turns to Vader. Then there's the 'fight'scene between the Cancellor and the Jedi Masters, which is kind of ridiculous. Oh, and Padme's pregnant, which is neccessary for the plot, but I don'tlike pregnant women or babies in movies. Ep VI has Vader unneccessarily choking dudes (which I forgot to add to Ep V) the general presence of 3PO and the most horrible monsters George has ever unleashed upon us .. Ewoks I think they are the worst thing in all of Star Wars and I hate those freaking flintstone tipped spear wielding abominations with all my heart. 3. Episode I and IV I can't really tell you what I don't like about Ep I (except Jar Jar, of course, though he doesn't bug me asmuch as the Ewoks or even 3PO in the OT), but there's just not enough to really, really like, except of course Anakins dorky podracer helmet and I really like Darth Maul, even if I don'tcare for double-bladed lightsabers. And Ep IV .. well, it's the origin of everything else, so it can't be that bad, can it? Well, it just isn't that good either .. the space battle was disappointing, just like the lightsaber duel, and the most scenes I like about the characters involved take place in Episode V and VI. So, to me, it's just .. boring for the most part and annoying every time 3PO opens his mouth and Vader chokes someone.
  3. We got something like this in our group ..Due to a despair when buying our (ugly, bulky) ship, we now have a flying cantina, complete with a bar, stripper poles and weird a** lightning effects. Now comes the drawback: It's pink. And said pink colour seems to successfully resist any attempts of getting rid of it. The only thing we could do would be to replace the complete hull, and if we had that much credits, we could just as well buy another ship (which we will do as soon as our GM is done torturing us with this flying piece of junk).
  4. Well, I think I'll use some old base that she can explore. Khoonda though? Don't you think that's been picked clean in all those millenia? Could there be something valuable left? I'll definitely use the droid gone mental idea and the unstable structure idea. And of course I'll let my sister describe what kind of droid she likes to have as a companion and why. I guess I'll involve a Rebel agent who's short on manpower and who's heard of some Seperatists/Crime Syndicates/or old Mandalorian Base with some valuable .. stuff and who just happens to tell her about it over a game of sabbacc or a drink. Maybe he'll join her .. I don't know. What do you think about that? And thanks for your suggestions so far.
  5. Hey guys, I got a little problem. I'm part of a Star Wars group with a pretty talented GM, who has four different groups running around in his universe (around 0 ABY) and he keeps saying that I should try GMing myself. So I talked to my sister, who's also a part of our group, and said that we could try a little solo adventure for one of her backstory characters back on Dantooine and she really liked the idea, so now I don't want to disappoint her. So my sister's character Reilin Sandral (yes, the family from KotOR ) grew up on a farm operated by farming droids and her father hired a Mirialan Droid Mechanic named Mijuun, who will be the hero of our little solo adventure. But I've no idea what she could do. The farm was sold and all of the people who lived there are either gone or dead, so Mijuun is left unemployed. So I figured maybe she will try and earn some money to follow her friend (my sisters Maincharacter) on her way to the Rebellion. But what can an aspiring Droid Mechanic do on Dantooine? Scavenge through ruins? The Jedi Enclave is in ruins for almost 4000 years, so that'll be picked clean. The Rebel Base is needed for future Legends stuff, I believe, so I'd rather not touch that. Maybe an old hidden Seperatist Base? Filled with some battledroids and a few obscure notes on Kybercrystals they were trying to study? Should I give her some NPCs to aid her? Fill some gaps she didn't cover with her skills? Maybe a little droid like Bao-Durs Remote from KotOR II? So, long story short, novice GM needs advice for a solo adventure and plot ideas for a mechanic PC.
  6. I know, this is not officially canon anymore, but in Jedi Knight 3: Jedi Academy, there was a mission in Coronet which took place on a mag train, where the enemy cultists placed a bomb on it. Also, if you need ideas of how to steal stuff from a train in a sci-fi setting, try watching https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Firefly_(TV_series), if you didn't already. The second episode involves a train heist.
  7. Lorlen Narcassan, Ex Cor-Sec with a strong sense for justice, who struggles with his inner demon, who tells him it's ok to fight fire with fire - very problematic since he just discovered he's a force user. Editor: Yikes! Lost in thoughts and forgot this is an english site ..
  8. Yes, thank you, Kaosoe, that is what he meant.
  9. Well, I grew up believing that you can attune your lightsabercrystal to yourself, but that doesn't change the colour, which gets determined by the type of crystal you use, ie Ilum crystals are blue or green, artificial sithcrystals are red, etc. And the Jedi tend to give blue crystals to guardians, green crystals to counselors, etc., but theoretically everyone can use whatever colour he or she likes (except black, because black is the absence of light and lightsabers without light are just shiny hilts). And that's what I'd prefer Disney Star Wars to be. I haven't read the new books, but in Rebels, doesn't Ezra get a crystal which is blue to begin with? Even before he can influence it with the force?
  10. Well if she said that her oath is "do no harm", then she should act accordingly. So I think you can make her feel guilty for even taking part in battles and especially for not providing at least first aid to downed enemies. Though I don't really know about your groups problems and I'm sure you've heard this, but if your doc doesn't like being restricted by that specific oath and your group enjoys their mercenary ways, maybe you should think about changing that obligation.
  11. I don't think that the players treat the game as a video game, because OP said that his players will keep looting people and stuff IF the GM continues to try and keep them poor. So I think they might only have different ideas about the available money in their campaign and that looting is just a symptom. So if I'm right, giving the players more money (which I'd recommend )will stop the looting, just because they won't need to anymore.
  12. And that lack of connection is probably why these problems come up so often in some games. Perhaps trying to emphasize some of the aspects that make it feel more real will help prevent what is often seen as abusive behavior. I disagree. I believe it's a missing connection between the players and the GM, not a missing connection between the game and reality.
  13. @HappyDaze And how many of those people you know make a habbit of getting into gunfights with crimelords? Or travel all over the earth without an income from a regular job or welfare? How many of them are characters in a roleplaying game? Because I seriously don't see the connection between ordinary people in the real world like you and me and characters in a P&P game.
  14. @whafrog Yeah, our campaign started like that, too, but after our first bounty, we stole one of Bandin Dobahs freighters and managed to sell it, so even if we didn't get the bounty, we had about 50k after that. We had to pay for a new hyperdrive and the damage we caused to some crimelords ship, but we had a lot of money to get some basic gear. Oh, and we had a cargo bay full of glitterstim.. Well, normally we're not rich, but when we desperatly need money our GM gives us money. After we permanently parked my YT-1300 (hated that ship. Too cliché) on Naboo he practically handed us a Lambda shuttle in prime condition we could sell to the crimelord we had a run in with earlier for a top price of 150k, which we spent on a VERY ugly pink partyship with a bar and everything inside (pink because we rolled a despair in our negotiation check with the shiptrader). Sorry for further derailing, but maybe there is something the OP can learn from this.
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